Best Ad Networks for Publishers

Best Ad Networks for Publishers 2020

There are a number of mobile ad networks that help publishers and advertisers boost their brands’ marketing efforts. You can choose the best ad network depending on the type of advertising that you need, and some other factors. Here are some of the best ad networks for publishers to use in 2020.


It is one of the leading and the best ad network for videos. Viewdeos provides services to advertisers as well as publishers. However, it attracts a larger number of publishers because it offers high-quality content, a very high CPM rate, 100% safety of the brand and fast integration as compared to certain other advertising platforms.

This platform is a promising video ad network for small publishers. It fulfills the monetization demands of the publishers in a smart way. The commercial center of Viewdeos for developing a video of this ad network is the quickest. It uses very intelligent monetizing strategies for letting the publishers avail of the top-notch earnings.


It is another amazing ad network for both publishers and advertisers for the year 2020. AdPushup is one of those advertising agencies that have grown very fast and is still growing. It provides great features for maximizing ad revenue. This network offers advanced features for revenue optimization for the publishers. The different features include automated A/B testing, Adblock recovery, header bidding implementation, layout optimization, and AMP converter.

The tools for ad optimization that AdPushup uses have coupled with premium demand. It lets the publishers achieve higher CPMs & CTRs. Also, it provides them with a better user experience.


Consoliads is one of the top ad networks for publishers. It lets them skyrocket the revenues. This platform monetizes the traffic of its users according to global demands.
ConsoliAds offers the best eCPMs throughout the globe. It helps the publishers to start monetization with different ad formats. These ad formats include native, video, interstitial, banner, icon, etc.

Lots of publishers consider ConsoliAds as their first choice because of a number of reasons. It lets them maximize the overall revenue by providing the best eCPM. Its advanced analytics help the publishers take monetization to the next level. This network also offers remote accessibility. It creates and manages multiple users and their rights respectively. This helps them access brands and apps.

Best Ad Networks for Publishers

Google Adsense:

As the name suggests, Google Adsense is owned by Google and one of the best ad networks for publishers. It lets the publishers generate revenue through blogs and websites.
The revenue model for earning while using Google Adsense is on the basis of impressions and clicks. There are more than twelve million websites that are using Google AdSense for earning money. However, the policies are strict for publishers.
This PPC/CPC Ad network is very useful for the publishers if they want to earn money over the web.

Google AdMob:

This ads publisher network is also among the top. Basically, it lists down the best advertising networks for publishers. This is because of the usability of AdMob.
Another appreciable thing is that it is very easy to use; the beginners do not face any trouble while using it for the first time.
Therefore, Google AdMob is the best choice for people who are new to gaming ad mediation. It offers both video and native ad format capabilities. It is also a great choice for advertisers.


This industry-leading ad network is meant for both publishers and advertisers. It is one of the fastest-growing native ad networks that has its basis in the US.  It offers different online ads including CPC, CPA, CPS, and CPM.
Absolutclick is the best option when a website is already getting some traffic. Then it can let the publisher and advertisers earn good money.
Absolutclick also uses a reliable tracking system. Therefore, it saves users (publishers and advertisers) from worrying about losing their sales, clicks, and leads.
They have to option to see the statistics in real-time on the account dashboard. And the list goes on. There are many other ad networks with their own specifications and qualities including Ezmob, Cointraffic, etc. You just need to research according to your requirements and then choose the best platform that can let you earn the most money.

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