What is the domain name system and how it works?

To identify your website or blog on the Internet, you should have a name that we call a domain name (domain name system). This domain name identifies your website, in the same way that people know you by name, in the same way your Internet to identify the website, it is necessary to have a name that we call a domain name. Now the logos do not know what the domain is, how many domains are there? What is the difference between top level domains and second level domains? What is the third level domains? In today’s post we will read about this one.

What is Domain Name?

The domain is a name that is the identity of our website or in the language of the Internet, the domain is an address, with the help of this address, people will be able to identify your website and view your website.

If you do not know the meanings of these, if you do not know the meanings of this, then you should see these types of types .com, .in, .net, .co, in front of the blog and website name, let’s go to these categories one by one. Understand

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Domain Name Level Type:

Top Level Domains

The top level domain name has a higher value, Google search engine and other search engines give more priority to top level domains. Each domain name ends with a top-level domain name like .com is a top level domain in firevista.com Example:

.Com (Commercial sites)

.Org (Organization sites)

.Edu (Education sites)

.Gov (Government sites)

Country Code Top Level Domains (CcTLD)

The country code top level domain is also the top level domain of a floor. Just the difference is if you buy this level domain, then anyone can tell what country your website has to choose country code level domains then your target is a specific country, that is, if you want any user you get, then you can buy .in domain if you are from India. Example:

.in (India)

.us (United States)

.br (Brazil)

Second Level Domains

Second level domains are taken before the top level domains, this is the name of a floor, such as firevista.com, firevista is the domain name and .com is the top level domain

Third level domains

Third level domain comes first to second level domains. It is also called subdomain. You can create a subdomain for free. For this, you do not need to buy anything. If you have a domain then you can easily create its subdomain Like tech.firevista.com tech is a sub domain

Now you know what the domain name is and how much the domain is. Now after this you need to know about web hosting, so you can read these posts for what web hosting is like for web hosting. If you want to ask us anything, then comment below and ask.

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