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Learn about SSL Certification Process and how to choose SSL Certificate for Website

Today we will discuss about ssl certification process and how does it work and where do we buy it? SSL’s full form is Secure Sockets Layer. This technique was developed by NETSCAP in the year 1990. This is a security layer that is used in the website and online application. It encrypts the information enter by user and it send to the server, which means it is encryption between user and the server.

SSL works

Let’s assume that you make an online payment in which user place personal information, which you do not want to tell to anyone, then use a security layer in which we call the Secure

Sockets layer. You will see that many websites include HTTP Written while many websites have HTTPS written in the website that HTTPS is written is secured.

SSL Certification Process

When you enter any information in the secure website, it is encrypted without being in the negative letter. After that, it goes to the server. Any information that comes to the server is also encrypted. This will benefit us and the server No data can be stolen from the middle and thus we can make secure payments. Now you have come to know what is SSL and how it works.

The Web server decrypt that encrypt message after that it sends acknowledgment to the browser that the user starts SSL encryption, after which the user’s private data browser and the web server are switched safely, which is completely remains confidential.

Types of SSL Certificate

There are many types of SSL for different websites. Some are cheap and some are expensive. Let’s know about them.

1. Wildcard SSL Certificate

With this SSL certificate, you can protect your domain and all sub-domains. Here you can get domain and the organization validation.

2. Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL Certificate

With a Multi-Domain SSL help, you can keep 250 domains safe. On this, you get Domain Validation, Organization Validation and Extended Validation.

3. EV SSL Certificate

This SSL is built for your business, as well as the name of your business as well as the address bar of the web browser. This is a really recognized and encrypted SSL certificate.

4. Domain validated SSL

Most bloggers and small websites use it. It provides safe of medium level.

5. Organization Validation SSL

It is used to verify and protect the online business. It tells customer that they are visiting a secure and verified website.

6. Code Signing Certificate

With this help you can keep your software code safe. Along with this, it also provides your files and application with security.

7. Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

If you want to secure a lot of domains and all their sub-domains together, then you can use it. It has the ability to keep 250 domains and all their sub-domains safe.

Where to Buy SSL

SSL service offers many companies like – GoDaddy, BigRock, HostGator etc. When we buy a hosting server for our website then we also provide that SSL hosting service where we can buy a hosting certificate as well as a SSL certificate for our website that will keep our website safe.

If we buy the SSL certificate from the given companies then we will have to pay the amount given to them and then we will be able to make the most of it. But there are many such companies that provide SSL free services. One of those names is Let’s Encrypt, a project of the Internet Research Group, which provides free SSL certificate to the common people. Let’s Encrypt sponsor a lot of companies like Google, Facebook, Mozilla, Cisco, etc.

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