Top Sound Editing Softwares 2019

Top Sound Editing Software

The key to sound editing is to find an application that can do exactly what you want with the least effort. You should go for free software if they can do the job well. However, if there’s a rare feature in paid versions, then you should go for them instead. Here’s a list of the most reliable sound editing software in 2019:

Audacity (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Known as the godfather of sound editing software, Audacity can do multi-track editing and is free. It allows you to delete and mute various sections of the audio file quickly. Audacity is generally easy to use because of its smooth volume automation and automatic recording function. If you want to do track balancing, the only thing to do is to proceed to reset all gain sliders. The user interface may not be very appealing, but all its features and tools are useful. Overall, Audacity has numerous advantages that include:

  • So many editing and repair options that are perfect for sound effects and dialogue
  • Can trim musical tracks 
  • Can support batch processing as well as multi-track sound processing 
  • Has a noise-reduction plugin that removes undesirable room noise
  • Allows preview before application of the changes
  • Lightweight for PCs and Macs
  • Compatible with almost all audio types including FLAC, MP3, and WAV

Ocenaudio (Linux, Mac, Windows)

With a colorful and clear user interface, Ocenaudio is easy to use. It is also free, fast, and super lightweight. Most free audio editors have no previews and will apply and record effects automatically to the audio. However, Oceanaudio has a detailed preview feature that allows you to play the sound with the effect parameters in place. Also, Ocenaudio has multiple effects, including EQ, compression, and reverb. Ocenaudio works best with mono audio files as well as stereo music files. If you need a reliable software developer of this type of software, you can check it out here.

Hya-Wave (Chrome)

One of the rare sound file editors that can run in your Google Chrome browser, Hya-Wave is clean and user-friendly. It’s simple and easy to use with an almost non-existent learning curve. Although it has no multi-tracking function, it allows you to cut, crop, and clear audio. Hya-Wave also makes it possible for you to copy and paste audio as you load it to a website, to the cloud, or Facebook. Hya-Wave is ideal for recording if you don’t want to install anything on your laptop.

WavePad (Mac, Android, Windows, iPad)

WavePad is another sound editing software that has batch processing, compression, EQ, and reverb. You can apply all these to selected audio files all at once. Thus, it can save you many hours of editing work. This highly useful software is easy to install and much easier to use. It has a noise removal feature that is ideal for advanced users. It also allows changes in speed and pitch. Moreover, it can facilitate audio scrubbing when you edit mono or stereo audio files. If you want to consult with a software developer of this type of software, then visit

TwistedWave (web app, iPhone, Mac)

TwistedWave is an online web application for superior audio editing. It cannot handle multi-track editing, but it has numerous features. With TwistedWave, you can highlight a particular section of the audio file that you’re editing if you want to mute it or apply noise to it. Also, with this sound editor, it is much easier to normalize the audio. It is equally easy to apply the effects. TwistedWave allows you to delete a section of the sound file while the rest will automatically shuffle back. That results in a continuous file without any gaps. 

Wavosaur (Windows)

As the name implies, Wavosaur is one of the most basic sound editor software but its application it still works in 2019. Wavosaur is an excellent piece of classic that is nothing but straightforward, easy audio editing.  It supports VSTs and has a great number of analysis tools. It also has a natural volume automation function. Although it doesn’t look great, the Wavosaur can get the job done without you having to download a large application. 

Soundation (web app)

Soundation is a great online audio editor that works well as a multitrack DAW. That allows you to edit several sound files that are playing all at the same time. With an attractive interface, Soundation is easy to record because its pan automation and volume are easy to adjust. For organization, you can change the track color. Also, Soundation supports various types of plugins and effects. Moreover, it has an incredible looping feature that is as good as Logic Pro. Because of this, Soundation can also compose and arrange music. In fact, it is excellent at doing this.

Acoustica Basic (Windows)

Complete with a scrub tool and a convolution reverb, the Acoustica Basic is free to use. It has high-level audio editing and restoration functions that you can use on Windows. However, its paid versions like the Premium Edition 7.1 are usable on both Mac and PC. Paid versions often have spectral editing and advanced mastering functions. It also has some popular award-winning plug-ins such as Verberate and Equalize 2. Acoustica uses sophisticated algorithms that allow maximum transparency when editing audio files. Moreover, it has the following features:

  • 32-bit audio quality
  • 5.1 surround sound quality
  • Integrated sound restoration feature
  • Multitrack editing
  • High-level processing tools 
  • Can support multiple plug-ins, including VST and AU
  • Numerous analysis tools, such as spectrogram, spectrum, and wavelet analysis

WaveShop (Windows)

As something capable of supporting up to 18 outputs of multi-channel audio, WaveShop is a Windows application that employs basic sound editing. Unlike apps similar to it, WaveShop offers a bit-perfect sample. This means that you don’t get to alter the samples unless you have to. If you edit a particular portion of the audio file, that portion alone changes. The change does not affect the rest of the file. This allows you to cut and paste various blocks of audio without altering any of their contents. Other positive features of WaveShop include:

  • High-speed processing
  • Capability to edit files that exceed 2GB
  • Uses 64-bit version of editing
  • Supports so many file formats including Ogg/Vorbis, FLAC, MP3, and MP4
  • Unlimited undo commands
  • With RMS statistics and detailed report
  • Can convert audio into another format
  • Can delete, insert, or swap channels

Nero Wave Editor

A simple sound editor that you can use for free, the Nero Wave Editor is comprehensive enough for both amateurs and professionals. It has no complicated features that make people unable to control most sound editing software. This sound editing software is useful for people who need to enhance pre-recorded audio into a more pleasing form. It can digitally record anything that has poor original recording. It can also prune out the distorted and noisy background and also has a real-time preview that allows you to listen to the effect before you decide to apply it.  Check out also our review on best record players under $200:

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