7 Hobbies That Can Help You Earn Money

7 Hobbies That Can Help You Earn Money

A hobby is an activity that is done to gain pleasure and is usually done during leisure time. Everyone has one or the other hobby. It can be cooking, dancing, singing, baking, painting, collecting antiques, create something new, etc. Hobbies are pursued to gain enjoyment and pleasure, they are not done professionally or for gaining monetary benefits. Usually, when a person is free, they do these tasks but some people use their talent to become professional in it. There is no harm in doing so.

What is better than making a career in a field you are interested in. There are many examples of people who have turned their hobby into a profession. For example, Michael J. Kittredge made a candle for his mother when he was 16 years old as a Christmas gift. One of his friends offered him money in exchange for the wax candle. He then thought of coming up with the idea of creating and selling these candles made by melting crayons. Later in 1972, he rented a paper mill to do this business. As time passed by, his business turned into a million-dollar business and is successful to this day.

All of this sounds too cool, isn’t it? If you are more interested in your hobby than your job, this means you are getting the required job satisfaction in your job. If you are okay financially, then you can leave your job and start with your hobby. However, if you are in dire need of finances, then you can start this small startup along with your job. As business includes a lot of ups and downs and does not guarantee success, it is better to do it along with the job.

List Of Hobbies Providing Monetary Benefits                                    

Now that we know that one can earn with the help of their hobbies, lets begin with the hobbies that can help you earn a lot:

  • Blogging – Blogging is among the most famous and trending business. You don’t need to be a professional or an expert writer to be a blogger. You need to write about any topic you are fond of or interested in. It can be a game, an art, a profession, anything. You can get a website created and then start posting regular blogs for it. You can earn a lot from this blog once it reaches the required level. One must keep it into consideration that it will help you earn dollars within days. You will need to advertise your website and improve its ranking so that it is easily accessible to your audience. Once all of this is done, then you can sit back and enjoy your benefits. For instance, if you live in Ludhiana, then you can also write for IT companies in Ludhiana, it will be a great exposure for you.
  • Photography – Photography is a talent and if you are interested in it, then here’s a piece of good news, you can earn a lot from it. If you think that anyone can do it, then you are wrong. Having an eye for detail is the work of a photographer, they get ideas and visualize good shots. Not everyone can be a good photographer. Some of the things that a photographer can do are teach photography to others. You can also work for companies in your locality. For instance, you can work for IT companies in Ludhiana, or work for some Fashion based company in Ludhiana.
    Do photoshoots and charge for them. You can use your social media to advertise and display your work. It will help the viewers take a decision on whether they want to hire you for a photoshoot. If you know photoshop and video editing skills then these are the add-on benefits. Photographers charge separately for editing the pictures. Hence, it is an attractive and creative way of earning money. 
  • Cooking and Baking – Baking includes making cakes, pastries, muffins, bread, chocolates, cookies, candies, etc. If you know baking, then you can earn a good amount of money. Similarly, cooking includes all types of dishes, snacks, main courses, ver or non-veg. Those who know cooking and baking can do many things like – take classes, sell your products, tie-up with a shop, open a YouTube channel, etc. You can take fees from $25 to $100 for one hour and increase or decrease your fees depending on your teaching and popularity.
    You can start a YouTube channel and teach your viewers how to cook/ bake. Other than this, you can sell your cakes/ snacks to direct customers or sell them to a retail departmental store that can further resale your product. But it is better to sell them directly to the customer. Social media, printed flyers, etc., can be helpful for making people aware of your business. 
  • Create and Sell DIY things – DIY is a short form used for “Do It Yourself”. If you are good at the craft, then you can go for this one. The students that are interested in making the best out of waste or creating any other thing like making paper flowers, handicrafts, greeting cards, explosion boxes, etc. If you know how to make them, then you can start creating it and selling it to others.
    It is a creative task and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you don’t are unaware of how to create it and are interested in it, then you can search for a number of video tutorials that provide a step by step guide for different crafts. You can charge any cost based on the difficulty or complexity of the design. If the design is simple you can charge $15 to $20 and if the design is complex, then you can ask for $25 to $50.
  • Painting – Drawing, sketching, painting, etc. is a god gift and must be used well. Drawing and sketching is a unique talent, However, if you wish to improve this talent, then you can take a class. There are many classes available that can teach you how to draw or paint. But the real talent is learning through observation and practice.
    If you are good at making the exact picture, then you can easily charge for your talent. Either create a website or a social media page on Instagram or Facebook and post pictures to demonstrate the type of work you do. If people are attracted and pleased with your work, then they can contact you. Also, exciting offers can be provided to the customer on special occasions or on their first order.
  • Comedy – If you are confused about how can comedy help me in earning money? Then let me put an end to your confusion. Have you ever watch a funny video, funny dubbing, stand-up comedians, etc. These are the same ways you can use your sense of humor to earn money. For this, you need to have a great sense of humor and by great I mean really great. If no one is laughing on your joke then be prepared for the rotten eggs and tomatoes.
    It is better that you share your jokes with others and see if they are laughing. If your jokes are compelling others to laugh, then you can become a star. Open a YouTube channel and start posting your videos or go to a restaurant that needs a stand-up comedian. You can earn a good amount of money from this. Remember to trust your talent as making others laugh is one of the most pleasurable things of all time.
  • Coaching – Have your friend, sister, brother or anyone else told you that you can be the best teacher? If yes, then start coaching. You can choose any subject that you are excellent at. You can coach others for a skill. For instance, if you are very good at writing assignments, then help students by providing them assignment help.
    You can make videos and post them online, explaining your viewers about a specific topic or subject. For example, if java is your favorite subject, then you can make videos explaining its different concepts like identifiers, interfaces, classes, objects, mutable and non-mutable classes, packages, explicit pointers, etc. Impart education to others is also one of the most valued jobs. Also, you can provide help to the students who want to get placed in IT companies in Ludhiana, by giving them assistance to clear their aptitude test.

By using these hobbies you can also earn a lot of money. Other hobbies like dancing, writing, singing, etc. can also help you make money. The best part about converting your hobby into a profession is that you get to do the work of your choice. Due to this reason, you don’t get bored and get complete satisfaction. But many students do not know about their good qualities and god gifts. Therefore, first, a person must identify their talents and work to improve and enhance them, then they can pursue it further. Hence, one must first identify their talent and look for opportunities to convert them into a professional career or business. 

Author Bio: I am Leeza keen, a professional Content Writer. I also work for IT software company and like to help students and make them aware of things that they can use for their benefit. I have an experience of 11 years in content writing field.

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