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Kheerganga Trek – Walk through the Nature!

Kheerganga Trek
Written by Pradeep Kumar

In the house Himachal Pradesh, lies a wonderful spot called Kheerganga (3500m) at the extraordinary part of the arrangement Parvati Valley, where it is trusted Lord Shiva thought for a great many years. The rich greenery of the mountains, the exquisite River Parvati and beautiful skies are without a doubt a much-anticipated joy to a trekker’s eyes and soul.

The spot has a religious criticalness for both Hindu and Sikh travelers. Arranged 22 km away from Manikaran, Kheerganga is prevalent for its boiling water spring notwithstanding during overwhelming snowfall and washing in it is an encounter you will love. While trekking, the trail divulges mainstream vacationer goals on the way like Rudra Nag Waterfall and Shiv Temple. You ought to proceed for the Kasol  Kheerganga trek to encounter harmony in the mitigating sights of the incomparable Himalayas.

Does it ever transpire that you detest city life and need to go into something altogether different? Like into the timberlands and live there forever?? With me, it happens each week! Nature is the source that invigorates nature sweethearts with its positive vitality! This positive vitality is suspending in every molecule of Kheerganga Trek!

Kheerganga Trek is the trek that you can finish in an end of the week and come back with an invigorating vibe!! Stroll in the midst of the green backwoods with the voices of neighborhood flying creatures trilling. One can hear the sound of running water in the course as there are numerous streams and cascades. What else do you need! appreciate having Maggi in this energizing circumstance with your companions and make recollections forever!

Being at this spot isn’t the main experience, however these slopes likewise convey some legendary insider facts as well! Kheerganga is named so in light of a fanciful story behind it. It is said that Lord Shiva contemplated here and the What makes this spot extraordinary is the white hued boiling water spring looking like kheer(a white sweet dish made of milk) leaving the obscure water asset due to which this spot is called Kheerganga! Guzzle the otherworldly feeling as you take a sacred plunge in warm water alongside ruler Shiva’s sanctuary at the top will remove all your tiredness and revives you don’t care for anything!

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Kheerganga-A trek in nature!

Famous for the underground aquifers and grand perspectives on the Himalayan mountains, Kheerganga is arranged in Kullu area of Himachal Pradesh. The last motorable point is Barshaini which is at 55 kms from the fundamental town of Kullu. There are immediate transports accessible from ISBT New Delhi and from Shimla too. From Barshaini, the stunning trek for Kheerganga begins!

The most effective method to reach

The trek for Kheerganga begins from Barshaini and Tosh which are the base camps for Kheerganga Trek. For this, you have to get to Bhunter and afterward to any of the bases. Transports are accessible till Bhuntar from New Delhi and Shimla too. Getting to Bhuntar is the principal thing. Transports are accessible straightforwardly from ISBT New Delhi to Bhuntar which takes around 14 hours.

Kheerganga Trek

From that point, you can either continue to Tosh or Barshaini. Barshaini is a 3-hour venture from that point and tosh takes thirty minutes more than that. Remember that transports are just accessible till Barshaini and for Tosh, you need to get a taxi from Barshaini or simply have a stroll for 60 minutes, Whatever you appreciate more!

Best time to visit

Kheerganga trek should be possible around the year as more often than not the climate is charming and unwinding. There is greenery all around with little wellsprings that you get along the course. In winters the territory gets pressed with snow all around and the trek turns into somewhat troublesome. That being said this spot doesn’t neglect to hypnotize you with its excellence!


Settled at a high elevation, Kheerganga offers you wonderful climate more often than not aside from in winters when this delightful valley covers itself in a white sheet of day off turns out to be significantly increasingly excellent!

Kheerganga Trek

The greatest months to visit Kheerganga Trek are from September to October and March to April yet on the off chance that you wish for day off, winter months ought to be the decision! The wonderful green valley with greenery all around and cool wind contacting your face, this recuperates all your tiredness and motivate you to finish the trek!

Trouble level

The Kheerganga trek is around 13-14 kms and there is no trouble by any means. The way is simple for the initial 7 kms and turns into a bit of requesting after that. One can complete this trek in 4-5 hours and there is no requirement for a guide too except if you are new to the mountains! There are a lot of resting focuses where you can take little breaks while climbing.

Kheerganga Trek

You can begin in the first part of the day so you can reach there by the evening and return by the night. There is nothing to stress over the stay too as there are numerous alternatives accessible from tents to guesthouses. You can likewise convey your very own tents and settle the anyplace in the event that you wish as well, it will cost you less!


The base camp for Kheerganga Trek is Barshaini and Tosh yet a great many people start from Barshaini itself. Both the courses meet at a point after a large portion of the separation of the trek. At Barshaini there are towns as you start the trek which takes you to the thick timberland of Kheerganga.

Like some other backwoods, there is greenery all around. You stroll through the unadulterated indigenous habitat. There are normal water streams which lead to delightful wellsprings. There are a lot of spots where you can enjoy a reprieve and chill. Numerous nourishment dhabas are additionally there in transit. It is said that in the event that a canine sees you, at that point he will go with you to the trek and back!

Kheerganga Trek

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At Kheerganga top there is a sanctuary of Lord Shiva and with it a Divine Kund or high temp water spring where the explorers take plunges. The water is said to have mending powers. It is an incredible wellspring of positive vitality for the individuals who have been trekking energetically for this phenomenal spot!


The individuals of this zone have a place with Himachal and in this manner the pahadi culture is everywhere. The dhabas in the course serves tidbits and Maggi with tea for refreshment. Appropriate suppers are just accessible once you reach Kheerganga. Individuals here wear general pahadi clothing and communicate in Himachali language just as Hindi.


The entire bundle from the Capital city of India, New Delhi would cost you 5000-6000 INR for each individual for a three-day trip! You can convey your very own trekking adornments or take them on lease. They are accessible from Barshaini as well. On the off chance that you need a performance trip, you can come straightforwardly to Sankari and join a guide which would cost you less. Trekking alone without learning isn’t liked however on the off chance that you have a companion who knows about the course, at that point you can trek in a free bunch as well!


A stroll in nature is the substance of this trek. There will be all delightful regular assets encompassing you and you will feel the comfort in the lap of natural force. The satisfying knowledge will leave engraves on your eternity recollections. This trek will make you become hopelessly enamored with trekking and its environment.

Things to keep in mind

-Avoid taking shortcuts in the mountains
-Leave the least amount of ecological footprint by choosing to not litter on the trail
-Watch your steps at the slippery Hot water spring
-No mobile networks at Kheerganga

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