What is Shared Hosting?


Shared hosting is one of the web hosting in which a single server provides services for multiple websites. Every website has their own individual domain name from a single server. Presently, there are many best shared hosting providers in the market. So, you can take shared hosting services from them if you are looking for a less expensive way for business web presence. On the other hand, websites that has high traffic is not enough suitable for shared hosting. For these sites a VPS or dedicated hosting server. So, let’s find out more details about the shared hosting.

Shared Hosting

For your easy understanding let’s understand shared hosting with your practical life. Somehow you can say shared hosting is a type of public transportation. Take an example like you are travelling in a bus, there are other people who are also using the same bus for travelling. The another one is you are driving a car or bike, that is your own individual means of transport. Similarly, a one server hosts several websites, that results in lower cost per website. In contrast driving own vehicle will be costly likewise dedicated server will also be costly. Although, the resources offered by the shared hosting are suitable for the entry-level business like start up, small business, local business, or personal blog or website. This shared hosting is the best for the people who are novice in the world of internet and website hosting. Mostly all the best shared hosting providers offers the hosting features that are simple to use, user-friendly and interactive user interface. With the easy-to-use control panel tasks like uploading files, creating email accounts, creating database becomes very easy. 

The number of websites under a single server depends upon the memory space in the hard drive, RAM, and processing speed. The separate partitions on the server are used store every website user account’s files and any applications. 

Let’s dig into some of the advantages of sharing hosting.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

Some of the key advantages of Shared Hosting are given below:

  1. It is the cheaper hosting option available as compared to other options. Generally the starting price of package is US$ 2.96.
  2. Another feature is that it is easy to control or manage the various operations. The user-friendly control panel is provided by which the administrative tasks and monitoring jobs related to server becomes hassle free.
  3. The greater flexibility is there because you have option to upgrade your plan when required.
  4. You can add multiple websites in your user directory. In case you have multiple websites or domain for your website then you can add them.
  5. There is no technical maintenance required from the user end, as this is usually done by professionals of your hosting providers, that is included within your hosting package.

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Apart from the various advantages of shared hosting there are some disadvantages of it. Below are some of the disadvantages:

  1. In comparison to a dedicated hosting server, the sharing hosting has slow loading time.
  2. Due to large number of websites sometimes the server becomes overburden.
  3. When there is increase in traffic the performance of your website gets affected and poor.
  4. There is limited scope for the customization. If you want to drive excellent performance from website then you don’t have options for required operations.


Hence, after the above details I think to choose type of server is not confusing for you. If you are in the starting stage of website and have a limited budget then you can consult best sharing hosting providers for shared hosting. On the contrary, if you have a large website which has large traffic then VPS or dedicated server will be suitable because it serves additional features to manage and control your web server.

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