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How to find the best React Native Developer for your application

Since the introduction of React Native Developer in 2015 by Meta (formerly Facebook), there has been no stopping. One of the most popular mobile app development approaches combines the best of both worlds—React and Native. The framework works equally well in Android and iOS and even web development. However, building a robust React Native application may require hiring expert mobile app developers.

Most companies have moved to the React Native framework or are planning to make the move. As an open-source platform enabling cross-platform development of hybrid mobile applications, it is one of the most sought-after frameworks. Many well-known organizations like Meta, Bloomberg, Airbnb, Instagram, Skype, and Pinterest, now use React Native. As the approach effectively uses an open-source JavaScript framework so, when hiring React Native Developer, one should consider the following key aspects.

Find the best React Native Developer

1. Knowledge of JavaScript

As the foundational language for React Native, JavaScript’s complete know-how and knowledge is a must. The developer you are hiring should have proficiency in the language and hands-on experience in forming app logic at the infrastructure level for making interactive UI. It is essential to be well-verse with JavaScript and its features, functionality, and tools.

2. Understanding of React Native functions

The second most pertinent skill to have is the conceptual and functional knowledge of React Native itself. A decent understanding of JSX foundation, Virtual DOM, and component lifecycle will be need for application development. The added advantage of proficiency in custom-creating the props and elements of React is also beneficial.

3. Coding style of developer

It is just one of the things that are not equal. Some React Native or JavaScript developers can write clean, reliable and maintainable codes and some cannot. You should look for a developer who has written these codes before and is aware of their interaction. The approach should envelop CSS and SQLite to tackle React Native components and events. In the long run, maintenance of the application and making any changes are only possible if the codes have been written clearly by the developer. Making the changes to the codes later for addressing errors or for any other purpose can cost you if you have not taken care of this aspect beforehand.

4. Plugin, Library, and Adjacent tool knowledge

Knowledge of libraries and tools like React, Redux, Axios, and MobX is a must for building scalable applications that can operate within different frameworks. The developer should have sound knowledge of the complete React Native library and its Hooks. In addition, the familiarity of working on widely used technologies of today and plugins such as Firebase and React Native Navigation is helpful along with the full stack development process. Tools like Hockeyapp, Gulp, and Hockeyapp can make performance testing much quicker.

5. Hands-on Android and iOS knowledge

React Native came into being to enable a single codebase for Android and iOS. This means the React Native developer for hire should have expert knowledge of either Android or iOS. The best-case scenario is, of course, knowledge of both platforms. Practical knowledge and experience in troubleshooting in different platforms is a crucial skill that helps in building a robust React Native application.

6. Testing and debugging experience

Testing and debugging are systematic processes for any application during the development and post-development stages. The developer you choose should be able to test the application or assist in testing in various settings to ensure the resilience of the application developed. Any error afterward can lead to discomfort and poor user experience. Knowledge of unit testing tools and type checking like TypeScript, Flow, Jest, and Prop Types are essential for conducting the tests.

Besides, the ability to perform automated tests is also helpful. The developer often carries out basic activities such as logging, performance, and security checks, are often carried out by the developer.

7. Application optimization

The ability to conduct performance tuning and optimization is a non-negotiable skill that a developer should possess. The optimization of resources should be done for robust application performance. How expertly and smartly the codes are written directly implies that code writing skills become essential as the overall application performance depends.

The handle over frameworks such as Prettier, ESLint, and Husky is handy in performance optimization. The developer’s capability can help enhance the speed of the application, load time, UI, and performance, notwithstanding the device or platform. 

8. Development of Native features

Good application development depends entirely on how the developer is acquaint with the Native features. If the developer is confident in building and creating innovative ways to design the interface and widgets, you can expect to see a feature-packed and attractive application.

The customizations can come in integrations or using various resources like the camera, GPS, and other software and hardware features. Nowadays, seemingly complex but user-friendly elements have become commonplace to stand out in the crowded application market. These small elements can go a long in changing the whole user experience of the application. 

9. Understanding of third-party dependencies

The use of React Native to a large extent hinges on the ease of third-party tools. The integration of native features with tools is a big advantage that you should be mindful of. It helps to improve the functionality and accessibility along with quick deployment. Today many plugins are readily available which can be used to enhance the application rather than creating one from the beginning.


In today’s time, it is advisable to go with an experienced company that has wide-ranging knowledge and expert talent to support your dream application. The onus of end-to-end project management, navigating any challenges that come over time, and timely upgrades can be taken care of if an app development company takes charge. Moreover, you can be assured of the latest tech stack and UI styles with an experience player in the market.

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