Mistakes to avoid while learning

Mistakes to avoid while learning – Effective learning activities will significantly help students to retain the information that is important to them.

The problem is that not everyone can do active learning activities. Not only that but they also often make some mistakes in the learning process that ultimately interfere with the event to keep important information.

In the understanding, we will disclose to you the slips that should be avoided while learning.

Learn all the material in 1 night

Learning only 1 night or a few days approaching the exam is not an effective way of learning. To understand and remember the lesson well, you need to do it little by little for an extended period.

To solve the problem above, you can create a calendar that plans the learning process periodically. This is, of course, better than having to learn all the subject areas in just a few days before the exam.

Learn just by reading and highlighting reading text

Reading information and lessons becomes ineffective if you don’t repeat what you’ve read. You need to dig up the memory and struggle to remember the data to study the field more effectively.

This way, after reading a textbook or lesson, you can close the book and remember the text that you learn in your own language.

Furthermore, you can explain what is already known to friends, parents, or anyone else to remember the subject matter. Mistakes to avoid while learning, the next is.

Learn by reading and writing

Reading and writing is an integral part of the learning process, but that’s not all that needs to be done. Because you need another way to understand the subject matter and retain the memory of the lesson.

You can make a prediction of questions that could appear in the test and practice answering the questions. You can also teach others about what is being learned.

Or it can also be by translating what is being held into a visual form, such as diagrams, infographics, timelines, and so on.

Using music to help concentration

A study reveals that while you are listening to music in the learning process, it will negatively affect your ability to store information.

Especially when you’re trying to learn tricky things like periodic tables, intricate lesson text, and so on.

However, if you listen to music to learn a light thing and recall notes, then music will not adversely affect the process of storing information.

We advise you to use certain types of music when you learn and save your studies. Choose soothing music that has no lyrics when going to learn and don’t listen to music that has a lot of words in it.

Feel translating it while learning

It must have been felt by learners. You do not like the lesson at, but because you are tomorrow Deuteronomy, you will not want to learn, and finally, you learn with compulsion. Because you are doing it by translating it makes a shoe that you learn not efficacy to the brain, even so, uring-during success because it does not understand.

Therefore never feel to translate it yet! Even if you do not like one of the subjects, learn sincerely, if you are willing to be more quickly absorbed into the brain.

Forcing yourself to learn NON-STOP

Learning does make us smarter. But if education always instead make us a successful loss. Why? Due to continuous learning will make us exhausted, and can be bad for health. To learn just as well, yes!

Underestimating Learning

Mistakes in learning because of the disparaging moment, we may assume that we are registered to learn Lot of the day, but it turns out our learning process is not quality.

How to avoid this is that we only need four to six hours to study but with limited time we are using it by Dhanakya-Dhanakya not to waste it.

We are only memorized

Mistakes in learning are just memorizing. Memorizing is useful in education, but if only learned without repeating or not even doing so, then our memorization will be ía-ía.

The way to avoid it is that besides our memorization, we also repeat our memorization by coaching with questions or teaching them to friends or other people who need them.

Less varied learning resources

To learn that it doesn’t feel boring, we look for more interactive learning resources such as learning through YouTube or SlideShare. Dabbling with just a book is undoubtedly one can get bored, No this is what must be aware. To avoid getting bored, learning visually is the solution.

For now, many websites provide online learning, such as Khan Academy, Solo study, Code Academy, or through YouTube channels.

Preview and review

This is an ideal strategy. Why? With Preview before face-to-face in the class, we are registered can know what the picture will be. If anyone does not understand, we can ask the prayer.

Next is the review, in this way, our brains will be familiar with the learning materials we just received. As the saying goes, if it continues to be sharpened. So it is our brains. One way to view the reviewing is to work on various examples.


The sheer number of subjects and assignments that have changed comes in, requiring us to set priorities. One of the keys that are broken in this priority is what is more important or urgent; that is what we do first.

Passive Learning

The sixth mistake is passive learning. Learning only with face-to-face in class is lacking. Moreover, after entering the level of There are hours of, learn independently more demanded when not prepared not to know anything during the test later.

The solution for this is to study outside the classroom with peer tutoring or learning with the sister class. In this example, there is at smallest a literature that will be resolved, for example, we are increasingly familiar with the work or tasks done. Active learning is not only that but accessing online learning sites can also be categorized as active learning.

Gadget interference

No This he who made the distraction. We secrete aware of the gadgets while learning to be especially concentration, but these fingers continue to slide the screen of the smartphone. Only one solution, determined.

Yes, let’s commit to more discipline. When now is the time to study, yes do the learning properly. When it’s time for main gadgets, it’s time to check out the Lot notif efficacy. It is simple, determination.

So – Mistakes to avoid while learning. By changing the habit of learning for the better, then hopefully you can keep the information better and effectively.

What is not less important is not to ever issue a fee, when it takes a formal and non-formal education. Paragraph Good luck!

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