Important SEO Ranking Factors that Matter in 2019!

important seo ranking factors that matter in 2019

The great growling engine of change is technology. Change is constant. In order to keep up with the latest developments as the requirements of the SEO change from time to time, you will have to keep yourself updated if you want your site to get traffic. For these SEO updates you can consult to Freelance SEO Consultant India they are very helpful.

Well-optimized sites = more traffic = more leads and sales. 
Without SEO, searchers won’t be able to find your site, and all your hard work will go in vain.
Given below are the essential SEO ranking factors you need to dominate search.

There are five ranking factors of SEO are:

•          The relevance of overall page content

•          Quality of linking sites & pages

•          Optimized content

•          Domain age, URL and Authority

•          Mobile-friendliness of the UI/UX

The following five ranking factors are believed to be the least important to SEO:

•          Keyword in the domain name

•          Usage of external links on the page

•          Website’s age

•          “Unlinked mentions” of the brand or site

•          Usage of Google AMP

Why is SEO important?

In 2018 Google’s Gary Illyes has provided an explanation of how the RankBrain algorithm works. Illyes explained that RankBrain uses search data to predict what a person might click on when searching for something that hasn’t been entered into Google before. SEO Offers Credibility and Trust to Your Audience Audience. That means the goal of SEO should be to build trust and credibility to Google, to the user. User experience and SEO together mean business success. Understanding SEO will help you to understand the environment of the web. If any user searches about an article and if you are not on page1 you are not winning the click of the user & that certainly affects the value of the company. That’s why you need to understand the importance of SEO.

Important SEO ranking factors that matter

1. First of all the website should be secure and easily accessible to every user.

2. Webpage content quality: – The user always builds trust and credibility for any website for the content quality. The content should be simple and user-friendliness.

3. Page Speed: – Let’s suppose you are winning the click of the user at first but the page loading speed is not user-friendliness you are surely going to lose that user next time. It will degrade the value of webpage and negative reviews will be spread. So the page speed is going to be the main factor for the SEO ranking factors in 2019.

4. Keywords on the page: – Analysing the searching patterns of using the keywords on the page should be user-friendly and what he really wants. This is also a big factor going to decide the SEO rankings. Keywords density is most important factor which is implemented by freelance SEO consultant India. They know where to put the right keyword and whats the keyword density.

5. Website architecture: – Your website should be organized in a clear and intuitive way, with page URLs that include keywords to give Google clear information about the topic of the page and where it belongs on your site. It helps to use the architecture analogy and think of your website like a building: all exits and rooms should be clearly marked, and there should be signs and directional cues to get visitor where they’re going, instead of leaving them wandering around with no idea where they are.

6. Security: – Your website should provide a secure connection via HTTPS/ SSL to protect.

the personal and financial information of your site visitors. Since July 2018, Google Chrome has displayed a “not secure” warning for any website that does not use a secure HTTPS/SSL connection, so if you aren’t using an SSL certificate on your website, now is the time to upgrade —not only will your search rank improve, you’ll be less vulnerable to hackers trying to intercept unencrypted sensitive data.

7. Backlinks: – Having good quality links on your site continues to be one of the strongest correlations to good search rank. Links on other websites that point to your page (backlinks) give you traffic and credibility and show that people trust your site and consider you enough of an authority.

Conclusion SEO may open a lot of doors for your business assuming that you use it right. With time the importance of SEO will increase more. Therefore, it is important that you take steps to make your website search engine optimised that it accelerates high ranking. These steps are taken by Freelance SEO Consultant India; they have lots of experience in this field. You can consult him and optimize your website according to the search engine. They will also help you to promote your business online and apply different SEO tactics which are beneficial for the website.

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