Most Common Mistakes That Everyone Makes In Cheap Essay Writing

Writing an essay can be considered synonymous to running a machine because just like all components need to be in their perfect position and shape for it to run properly. An Essay also needs every minor detail to be in its perfect order for it to look perfect and error-free.
Students worldwide encounter difficulties in cheap essay writing service; the difficulties might differ globally, but even after putting in a lot of effort, many students do not get the desired result. The reasons for not getting the desired result might vary for every student, but the most common reason for this is the important minor details that are overlooked. We have made a list of the most common mistakes that students make when cheap essay writing service.

1. Students fail in being specific to the point

The Essay needs to have content that is specific and clear for the reader to understand. I.e., “Two storms hit the country last year. The Second one was devastating”. Now here, the picture is not clear to the reader. What country did they hit? What was the reason for the second storm to be more devastating? For eradicating this issue, use names instead of pronouns wherever possible so that it gives the reader a clearer picture. I.e., “Two Storms hit England Last Year. The Second Storm, caused more destruction as it resulted in a bigger loss of lives”. Now here, the picture becomes clear.

2. Avoid Fragment and Run-on Sentences

One must be careful not to use “Fragment Sentences” or “Run-on Sentences.” Fragment sentences are the incomplete sentences that describe an action that is happening but does not clear the reader about it, i.e., “The Night we were on the Yacht. We had a lot of fun” although the correct sentence is: “The night we were on the Yacht, we had a lot of fun.” Run-on sentences are the sentences that are usually two different sentences mashed together, i.e., “Ben Stokes is a very talented cricketer he won England the world cup” although the correct way to write this is: “Ben Stokes is a very talented cricketer. He won England the World Cup.”

3. Staying on the topic and not moving away from it

This is a common mistake that students make in cheap essay writing service. Students across the globe insert their ideas into the essay, which is not a very good thing to do. So it is better to focus only on the topic and eradicating the idea of adding personal thoughts. Use evidence to validate your opinions so that the reader finds your essay informative and has a logical reason to agree with your perspective.

4. Avoid repeating the words

The writer needs to avoid repetition. Make use of variety of words to describe things. Please make sure you are not using the same words again and again. For Example:  “The Dolphin was very friendly. The Dolphin loved being around humans. The dolphin would get even cosier to people who would feed it.” You see the same word was used three times although it would be better to write in the following way: “The Dolphin was very friendly, it loved being around humans, and the smart fish would get even closer to the people who wanted to feed it.”

5. Introductions and Conclusions should be Exciting to read

The introduction and the conclusion of the essay are the connection between the reader and the writer. Many Students mix their thoughts into the introduction, and that results in a loss of marks. The introduction should be exciting enough for the reader to get interested and carry on reading with interest. Similarly the conclusion is the point where the writer validates the argument to the reader. The writer must use a neutral voice at both these points.

6. Avoid Plagiarism (Copying of Content)

cheap essay writing service might be a difficult task to execute for many people across the world. But even in this difficult act, you need to make sure that the content is written from scratch and is an original piece of work. Copying work from other available sources on the internet might ease the job and save time, but it does, however, make your work a Copied/Unoriginal piece of work. Hence, you will get a high level of Percentage which might result in a loss of Marks or Punishment for Plagiarism.

7. Choose a Narrow topic for writing the Essay

The writer should choose a narrow topic for cheap essay writing service as choosing a broader topic would require for the writing to be in more detail as compared to a narrow topic. A Broad topic would need more time for research. Hence, choosing a narrow topic would require less research and also save time.

8. Formatting of the Essay

After writing the essay, the writer must make sure that the content that is written is formatted properly. One should look into the essay with the eye of the reader. The reader should not face difficulties reading the essay. One should look up for any issues with alignment, spacing and also choose for the best font that is the easiest to read and understand.

9. Avoid making statements

Avoid making statements in your essay. Avoid using words in the first-person perspective. Do not use words like (I, You, Me, Etc.) also avoid using (My Essay, You will learn, I believe, Etc.) as your Essay should be more structured around evidence and should contain a lot less of your opinion.

10. Check for Spelling Mistakes

Using the automatic spell checker helps but one should go through the essay once again after the automatic spell checker has done the checking. The reason for giving it another look is because the spell checker usually corrects one spelling error in each Sentence and if there are two spelling errors in a sentence, it may correct only one. Hence, going through your work again to look for spelling errors is the wise thing to do.

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