Tips On How to Finish Exam On Time

8 Tips On How to Finish Exam On Time

One of the odious things about the exam is completing it on time or before the time. It is a problem for many students out there. They are not able to complete their exams before time and sometimes, half or some questions are left incomplete. Because the paper is not solved completely, the students are not able to attain good marks rather, they lose them. 

Some students easily get distracted and lose time track, due to which, they panic and showcase poor performance. If you are resonating with these problems and want to improve yourself, then don’t worry because in this article you will find some helpful tips that will help you to finish your exam on time. One of the biggest tricks is to be prepared during exams. You must study completely and efficiently and try to remember all the concepts that you learned.

A major reason for distraction is when you don’t know the answer to some questions. If a student knows the answers to the paper, then they feel relaxed. There is no stress left or a reason to worry and the student completes his or her paper on time. The same reason can be the cause of distraction for some other students. If they come to know that they know the whole paper, they get too relaxed and do their paper slow. This slow speed causes trouble in the end and they end up leaving the paper incomplete. Hence, learn to create a balance between your emotions and manage them appropriately.

Tips to Finish Paper in Time

If you are also unable to complete your exam on time, then follow these tips while attempting any examination.

1. Read the question paper – This is where the students make a mistake. They do not read the question carefully and attempt it in the wrong way. Later when they discuss the question with their group, then they regret, for not being attentive initially. Hence, it is important to carefully read the question thoroughly, you can read it once or twice or anyhow you like and then attempt it. 

2. Don’t panic – It is a mistake to make in the beginning or at the end of the paper. Usually, at first, students waste time and later when the time is coming to an end, they panic. There are two things students can do when the question paper is assigned to them. They can either read the whole paper first or they can only read one question at a time. By reading one question at a time, the students can prevent the panic attack they get while encountering a question they don’t know. Hence, don’t panic and calmly write your paper.

3. Divide and Conquer – Make a plan and follow it for writing the paper. Divide the total time of the examination and then write it. For example, if the total time of the examination is 3 hours, then you can spend the first hour on writing short answers and then utilize the second hour for writing the long answers. In this way, you will be able to complete your paper in it. If you will make an accurate and efficient plan, then you can also make time to reread the paper and can save yourself from losing marks because of silly mistakes.

4. Give priority to what you know – This means to attempt the questions you know first. As discussed in the second point, if you decide to read the question paper first, then look at all the questions you know, attempt them and then write the answers for questions you don’t know. If you don’t know the answers to a question, then it does not mean that you should skip it. Try to answer the problem and complete your examination.
For example, if you are writing a business studies related paper and there are two choices you can write about either a job or entrepreneurship. You must select the one you know a deep knowledge about. If you thoroughly know about the job sector, then write about it. Otherwise, if you know about a business startup, then write content relating to it. Remember to give examples as they help the reader to understand your question. If you are writing for a business startup named assignment help Melbourne, then explain the capital requirement and how will it help the students to get their assignments done, etc.

5. Ask for extra sheet before you need it – You should ask for an extra sheet of paper before you need one. This will help you save your time instead of asking your teacher and waiting for her to come and give you a sheet. To explain this in a clearer manner let’s take an example if you have a shop and you see that your stock is coming to an end. Will you purchase new stock after your existing stock is over or before it gets over? Of course, you will buy the new stock before the old stock finishes. Similarly, in the examination, you need to keep your stock in check, in order to save your time.

6. Look down and concentrate – It is important for the student to keep their head down and stay focused on completing their paper. While writing the exam, many students lose their concentration and get distracted. Due to this, they waste a lot of time and later rush things and sometimes end up messing badly. In order to avoid distractions, put your full focus on writing the exam and keep your head down. The more you look for things around you, the more you will get distracted. Therefore, look down at your sheet and stay focused to avoid distractions.

7. Write in a clean manner – Writing in a clean manner is necessary to avoid making chaos while writing. It generally happens that the students write neatly during the first hour of the exam and then they start to write in an untidy way. Also, the invigilator who will be examining your answer sheet can deduct your marks for bad handwriting.
Write in a way that it can be understood in a clear manner. If you write untidily, then it will become difficult for your instructor to understand and you can end up losing marks. Hence, write neatly thereby writing at a faster pace.

8. Don’t give up – Keep yourself motivated enough to not give up. It is important to stay motivated rather than giving up and regretting it later. Some students have the audacity to leave the answer sheet blank and leave the exam hall. Although there is no problem in that the person who did it will face the consequences later.

You must always try to attempt all the questions. Even if you are unaware of some of them, don’t panic, at least give it a try. Try hard to recollect the learned things or build up an answer that you think is relevant. You don’t have to cram answers for scoring better. Whatever you know about the topic can be written in the exam, no matter if it was taught in class or not. If it is relevant you can use it.

If you use these tips while attempting an exam, you will surely be able to complete your paper on time. If you follow it efficiently you will also be able to save some time to recheck your paper. By doing so you can avoid losing marks. While writing students make mistakes that are negligent for them and these minor mistakes make them lose grades. Also, make sure not to cheat and waste time. You would have to deal with serious consequences if you are caught doing wrong practices in the examination. Author Bio – Leeza Keen is an experienced content writer. With an experience of 10 years, she is capable of writing different types of articles and blogs for various niches. She also offers students assignment help. Hence, if any student needs her assistance in his or her assignment or other academic work, then they can ask her for help. Other than this, she also likes to read, spend time with nature, and watch funny movies.

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