Google Maps Adds Accessible Places for Wheelchair Users

Google Maps Adds Accessible Places for Wheelchair Users

You can now have the knowledge of the wheelchair accessibility. Google wheelchair accessibility is a new feature that has been added in the Google maps. But it has not been established in all the countries yet. 

Google wheelchair is the most useful feature added till now in the Google maps. This feature is very useful in those places where there is no sign of wheelchair accessibility. You can use it as a feature to have prior knowledge of any place.

There are certain places where you are not sure about the accessibility to the wheelchair. The Google wheelchair is a feature which helps you to be sure about it. Where there is no accessibility at the entrance of a place, you can use Google wheelchair to know about the accessibility.

For accessing this feature, you need to upgrade your Google maps. Then you can easily access this feature.  But then, it has been operating only in Australia, Japan, UK and US for the time being. With the passage of time, everybody will have an access to this feature.

How to use the Google wheelchair sfeature?

When you open the Google maps, you need to tap on the accessible places. After that, you will able to see a wheelchair symbol. That symbol will inform you about an accessible entrance. Then you will able to see whether the place has accessible to parking, restroom, etc.

Also, you will be informed if the place does not have the accessible entrance. You can find this feature both in android as well as iOS.

Over 500 million accessibility has been contributed by the community. Google wheelchair has been one of the great initiatives by Google.

During this world pandemic, you should always be aware of the places you are heading to. Before heading to somewhere, you can have all the prior knowledge by having accessibility to this Google wheelchair feature. If you are an iOS user, then it will be easier for you to use this feature.

This feature was possible only with the help of the disable persons who contributed a lot to this new feature. The Google took the help of the local guides and invented this feature. The store owners also contributed in this Google wheelchair feature.

It is very useful because now the disabled person do not have to face any problems if they want to go somewhere. If you want to help your disabled friends or family then you can suggest them to use the Google wheelchair feature. Also, if you are heading for a family outing, you can have the proper knowledge of the accessible points.

Millions of android users have already started using this feature and they are impressed with the same. Sooner or later, the rest of the users from the other countries can also have the access to this feature.

This Google wheelchair feature will also inform you about any pharmacy store so that you don’t have to wait in a queue to get your medicines. With the help of this feature, you can have the knowledge that which store is suitable for you.

Also, you can help the disabled persons on your way if they are searching for any suitable places to go. You can share the details of the store with your friends or family whom you think they need these details.

The Google wheelchair accessibility not only gets you information about a certain place but as well as helps you manage your time.

As of now, more than 150 million users have the access to this Google wheelchair accessibility. And they have responded with a great feedback about this feature.

Another good thing about this Google wheelchair feature is that, you can turn it on or off as per your utilization. The Google wheelchair quickly identifies the places when turned on. Since 2017, the number of wheelchair on Google maps has been doubled. This was all possible only because of the contribution of the other map users.

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