Sustainable Technology To Look Out For in 2023

Sustainable Technology

Sustainable technology: The world is slowly becoming more sustainable with technology designed to help us reduce our carbon footprint. From sustainable clothing and bedding to alternative energy, technology has made great strides to transform our daily lives.

It can help you become more eco-friendly in your day-to-day life while reducing energy consumption, but what options are available to you? Here are some sustainable technologies to look for in 2023.

Solar panels aren’t a new concept, but they’re becoming more popular around the US as people realize they can help you save money while reducing energy consumption. Even though solar panels aren’t new, and many people have had them for years, they’re getting better every year with innovations that make them more efficient and effective.

Engineers have continued to find new ways to make them weather-resilient and easier and more cost-effective to construct, making them more accessible to all types of homeowners. In addition, solar panels can be integrated with buildings to save money and provide insulation without taking up more space. 

Carbon Capture

It is another important innovation to consider. And has allowed governments and companies to collect carbon from their processes like manufacturing and farming to reduce their carbon footprints. Carbon capture removes carbon dioxide from the air, which is then properly stored to prevent climate change.

Clean Energy

If you don’t have a home that can use solar panels, you can still get your electricity from clean energy sources like wind and solar. However, you’ll need to discuss these options with your energy provider. Luckily, many organizations are working with service providers to give homeowners access to cleaner, renewable energy that’s not only better for the environment but a more cost-effective solution. 

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are another important advancement as we head into the new year. EVs are one of the most accessible sustainable technologies to individuals because anyone can buy them as long as they can afford them. Unfortunately, the heft tag has been a concern for many individuals who have internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles still in good working order.

In addition, while EVs are a hot topic in the news and government agencies, they’re more popular in some states than others. For example, the state of California is leading the electrification movement, while states in the Midwest are slower to join. Still, many US states are making advancements to improve EV charging infrastructure and lower vehicle costs to make them more accessible to the average person. 

In addition to becoming more accessible to the general public, EV manufacturers are continuing to make great strides by testing recycling methods and finding efficiency improvements.

Energy Storage

Battery walls are another popular sustainable technology increasing in popularity. With a battery wall or energy storage solution, homeowners can collect and store energy to prevent blackouts and brownouts. Energy storage consists of a battery wall that collects and stores electricity and is often combine with solar panels. Therefore, individuals can store energy during the day and use it at night when the sun is no longer out. 

Biodegradable Food Packaging

Consider how much plastic gets thrown into landfills every year. In most cases, plastic is unnecessary. If you’ve ever visited the grocery store and seen oranges and apples in plastic containers, you know what we’re talking about. Consumers should be continuously finding ways to reduce their plastic use, but companies and manufacturers are needed for a larger impact on the environment. 

Single-use plastic is often used to preserve food, but technological advancements have started to create biodegradable food packaging made from natural proteins to keep food fresh during shipping. 

Delivery Robots

Some companies have started using drones and robots to make deliveries instead of humans who must drive to and from stores. Delivery robots can drastically reduce emissions from food delivery. Robots have already started making deliveries, with companies making progress in partnering with industry giants and expanding across the world. 

Electric Planes

Electric cars are popular, but have you heard of electric planes? There are currently hundreds of projects focusing on this innovation right now. Aviation is responsible for a large chunk of emissions from transport. Of course, road transport makes up an even larger percentage, but electric aviation is essential if we want to protect the environment. Electric aircrafts have already been manufacture, but they’re not ready for public use. 

Public Transport

We’ve already talked about EVs for personal use. However, public electric transport is another innovation that deserves to be on this list. While public transportation is a way to reduce your carbon footprint overall because it reduces the number of vehicles on the road, electric public transportation takes it to a whole other level. There are already several electric buses use in countries across the world, so we expect to see more of them next year. 

Light Efficiency

All this talk about energy storage and electric vehicles, but what do people who can’t afford these innovations right now do if they want to reduce their energy usage? Luckily, energy-efficient LED lighting is already replacing other forms of lighting in homes, and they’re more cost-effective in the long run. Of course, LED bulbs are more expensive upfront, but they can reduce your energy usage, helping you save on your electric bill. 

Smart Appliances

While we’re at it, let’s discuss another cost-effective way homeowners can become more sustainable in their daily lives. Smart appliances are energy-efficient appliances that will help you reduce energy consumption while saving on your electric bill. They use less energy, and new appliance models work better than ever before with advancements that improve energy efficiency without affecting the quality of the machines. 

Challenges of Sustainable Technology

Sustainable technology has already made great strides in the last few years alone. However, there are several challenges, including production costs, lack of infrastructure and government planning, and public perception. To overcome these challenges, people and the government must work together to educate one another about the benefits of such advancements and how they can not only enhance everyday life but protect the environment.

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