Best Professional Audio Editing Software for Windows and Mac

Music is something which gives peace to your mind and wings to your imaginations. If you want a piece of good music and audio, then editing them with the best music creation software would be cherry on the cake. Therefore, I would like to share some of the best professional audio editing software for PC which can be used on Mac and Windows. New vibrations and pitch modulation can make your audio pleasing for the ears.

What should be there in a Best Audio Editor?

  • The Software must edit music and as well as audios.
  • It must include all the necessary and basic features.
  • It must record audios from a microphone and there must be an option of copying, pasting, and deleting audio vibrations from the middle.
  • Merge and split two audio or music files.
  • Edits Waveform and apply attractive filter into them.
  • Must record the audio from different sources in a single shot.
  • Equipped with unique sound effects for enhancing the music.
  • It must support all the audio file formats that are available in the market.

Well, there are a lot of other features as well but I have only told you the main features which an audio editing software possess. I will only tell you about that software which is equipped with the above-mentioned features. Let’s move on to the software that is available for audio and music editing.

Best Professional Audio Editing Software for PC

I’ll share the list of ten software and you can use them on Windows and Mac depending upon their compatibility.

Adobe Audition CC

Price $20.99 Per Month
Compatibility Windows and Mac


  • Edits Single and Multi-Track audios and music.
  • Equipped with Digital Audio Workstation and records audios from multiple sources at once.
  • Remove unnecessary noises from the audio.
  • Detects the waves of the noises and reduces them.
  • Basic Graphical User Interface for better understanding.


Compatibility Windows, Linux, and Mac


  • Includes Multi Tracking Editing and Waveforms.
  • Compresses the size of the large audio file.
  • Reduces unwanted noise from the audio.
  • Supports Sound Generator Plugins in LADSPA AU, VST, and LV2 Format.
  • Import and Exports audio formats like Ogg, Vorbis, M4A, and FLAC.


CompatibilityMac, Windows, and Linux


  • It is only a Single-Track Editor.
  • Trims Audio and music according to the user’s needs.
  • Merge two or more audio files together.
  • Reduces Noises from the soundtrack
  • Easy-to-understand interface for better user experience.

Acoustica Standard Edition

CompatibilityWindows and Mac


  • Supports 32 Bit audios and up to 384 kHz.
  • Supports both Single Track and Multi-Track audio editing.
  • Removes Hip, Hop, and hums from the audios.
  • Consists of Dark Color and Tab-based interface for better working on multiple audio files.
  • Supports External Plugins which are in VST, AU, and VST3 formats.

Amadeus Pro

CompatibilityMac Only


  • Adds New Tracks and Split Stereo Recordings into a single audio file.
  • Repair Center Feature helps the user to repair the distorted audio files.
  • Allows the user to directly save the audio files into a Compact Disc.
  • Makes variations and apply multiple effects in the audio.
  • Simple interface with attractive buttons and functioning.


CompatibilityMac Only


  • Applies Fades, Amplify Sections and Normalize audios and music.
  • Edits Waveforms and maintains the quality of the audio file.
  • Edits only Single-Track audio files.
  • Converts audio file formats from one format to another.
  • Understandable GUI with a lot of other features.

WaveLab Element

CompatibilityMac and Windows


  • Supports Single Track and Multi-Track editing of audio.
  • Professional Application for best audio editing.
  • Inserts Marker in the wavelength so that the user can continue from the same point later.
  • Suitable Software for Musicians and Podcasters.
  • Eliminates Extra noise from the audio background.

Hidenburg Journalist

CompatibilityMac and Windows


  • Edits Spoken Words in the audio track.
  • Records the spoken words directly into the application.
  • Automatic Equalizer to enhance the quality of the audio.
  • Add markers to the important audio bites.
  • Cut, copy, paste and delete audio clips.

Twisted Wave Mac

CompatibilityMac Only


  • Quickly edits the audio files on Mac OS.
  • Batch Processing of multiple audio and soundtracks.
  • Equipped with a silence detector which eliminates the silence part from the audio.
  • Supports 32 Bit audio with the kHz of 192.
  • Equipped with professional features like pitch shifting and time stretching.

Sound Forge Audio Studio 12

CompatibilityWindows Only


  • It is a Single Track editor only.
  • Cuts and Splits the audio from the middle.
  • Merge multiple audio tracks into one track.
  • Splits and Remerge Audio into the video.
  • Attractive GUI for fast and smooth performance.

Well, I have given you the list of 10 best professional audio editing software for pc with their prices and features. Now, it is up to you to decide which software would be best for you. First, you must see the compatibility of the software and then decide whether you have to use them on Windows or Mac. Ocenaudio is the only software among the ten of them which supports all the three major operating systems.


Most of the users need an audio editor who is music professionals. If you are a beginner, then I would suggest the free audio editing applications. Audacity and Ocenaudio are the free audio editors which can help you to polish your editing skills for free. If you are a professional in audio editing, then I hope you can decide the software according to your needs. I hope the features and prices are enough for you to decide the best audio editing software for manipulating the audios and music.

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