5 Features To Look For When Buying A Home Security Cameras

Features To Look For When Buying A Home Security Cameras

Planning on getting a security camera for your home, office, or business? There are a lot of things you’ll have to consider. The market is awash with cameras all with varying features that only add glam but doesn’t really contribute much to security. Below is a list of the most crucial feature home security cameras should have.

Home Security Cameras

Good resolution

One of the most important features a security camera should have is high resolution. When selecting one for your home or business, you should know to ask for the ones with the highest resolution, around 1920 x 1080. But if you are on a tighter budget, a resolution of about 1920 x 1080 should do the job admirably. Getting the best possible quality of the footage is a good way to see small details. Thing such as hair color, what clothes people are wearing, and especially facial features. In the event of a crime committed, these are clues that can help you determine the identity of a perpetrator and help assist the authorities in apprehending them. In some cases, screenshots of the footage are taken to pinpoint the moment when the crime is committed. It is during this time that you wouldn’t want to have a grainy picture.

Wide field of view

There are a number of cameras that have varying degrees of viewing range. Some have a narrower field of view but offers excellent video quality. For general surveillance and monitoring, a security camera with 120 degrees of viewing range is acceptable. It is easy enough to observe all corners with this viewing range without having to turn the camera manually. There are models of IP cameras that can be remotely adjusted either through panning and tilting. This type is a lot more costly but offers the best security because thieves can’t hide behind these cameras. If these ones are a little too sophisticated for general monitoring, getting two security cameras can negate each one’s blind spot especially when they’re placed correctly relative to each other.

Ample storage space

Another feature you have to consider before choosing a security camera is its storage space. Thanks to the advances in microchip technology, SD cards are capable of holding more and more storage without their sizes increasing. It is easy enough to insert a 64 GB card on a security camera, or go as high as 256 GB. Certain models allow you to use an external hard drive for even expansive storage space. Most of these cameras work on their own, requiring very little human intervention in terms of freeing up space when they run out. These new models can simply erase the oldest footage automatically to make room for new ones. Take note, though, that high-resolution cameras will eat up a lot of storage space. Inserting a memory card with only a few gigabytes of memory will mean recording can quickly be erased once the card is full.


Often, regular security cameras can be used for homes and offices, general indoor spaces. These cameras are usually not waterproof or dustproof. These are also compact and quite easy to handle. Outdoor cameras, on the other hand, are a totally different matter. They need to have an added feature to make them optimal for exterior use. Getting an indoor camera and using it for outdoor is almost like flushing down money down the drain. The moment it rains or snow, these cameras are good as dead. They are not built to combat bad weather. The right outdoor cameras should have proper weather-proofing features, if not housed in a weather-proof casing. For those that can be panned and tilted remotely, their casing should also be weather-compatible as well as waterproof. It goes without saying that these kinds cost a little more than your indoor security cameras.

Infrared capabilities

It is almost standard that in choosing a security camera, it should also come with infrared LEDs and lens. This feature is very useful to come night time when there is very limited light. Infrared lights increase the night vision of the camera. The more IR lights there are, the better and clearer the footage will be even in complete darkness. Also, look for cameras with focus lens that covers a wide range. With a higher field of focus, the better and more distinct the footage will be. Getting a camera that can only record during the day is almost a complete waste of money. Most suspicious incidents happen during the cover of darkness. Night vision plays a crucial role in your safety.

Going into any spy shop to get a security camera for your home or office, you should know to ask for these features. Many salespeople only want to convince you to buy their most expensive and flashy products without paying much mind to your needs. It helps to come in with a bit of knowledge on the features that you need.

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