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Top 5 Android Apps for Online Shopping

Online Shopping is exciting and pretty much easy these days. There are a ton of apps you can use to shop your favorite stuff and some of those also allow you to share discounts with friends across Facebook. Perhaps, the discounts you get are customized to your buying habits, saving money on the things you like most.

So, if you’re a frequent shopper, consider using apps that are useful or giving you the best discount codes. A few of these android apps also notify you when something is on sale. No matter where you reside, consider using one or all of the following free shopping apps when it’s time to pay for your favorite thing, big or small. All five are 100% free and help you save money while you shop online or even after you’re done.

 5 Most Useful Shopping Apps for Android Users

1. eBay

This app’s notification features are the best. Use this app to search for items and be notified when auctions are ending. eBay stocked up those items that are found rare or even just out of stock elsewhere. The eBay Android app helps you get anything from about anywhere. You can bid on and buy items, search for auctions, and manage transactions. Also, as a buyer eBay app allows you to create listings (using your device camera) for items you want to sell. Isn’t eBay is a great place to look?

2. Amazon

No doubts Amazon is the big fish in the digital world online shopping. With Amazon app you can find all kinds of cool products, also their mobile app is easy to navigate even for the beginners. Once logged in, the buyer has access to data including wishlists and purchase history. The best part is you can also scan a product barcode and this app will look up similar items that you can shop right from your mobile device. It also allows buyers to search for recent orders and track them.

Not only the app gives you access to the retailer’s online catalog, but pack with lots of additional features, like you can search for your favorite items by scanning their barcodes or snapping pictures of them. It’s easy to compare prices though! And super easy to shop everything – especially with one-click.

3. Daraz

The app features everything you need from clothing to shoes, jewelry for women, bags, and accessories, and a wide variety of items from prestigious brands across the globe are showcased.

Daraz app gives buyers amazing discounts at Target stores with just a click. It offers the best affordable deals that you can avail to save a good amount (anywhere from 5% to 30%) on products you get in the store.

4. Shopkick: Rewards & Deals

Did you know the Shopkick app allows the buyer to earn rewards and coupons at the stores you already shop? You just need to open the app and use it to scan products found within. This way you’ll earn points toward discounts, find deals as you normally would. The app allows you to link your credit cards to earn more rewards, also it gives you an opportunity to redeem the rewards you earn without having to print anything. Isn’t it exciting?

5. RetailMeNot Coupons

RetailMeNot has a huge number of coupons waiting to be redeemed. Yes, you can save lots of money with this useful app that allows you to search for coupons based on the shops you purchase frequently.  Also, the RetailMeNot app will also suggest deals to the buyers they might like — and all coupons can be redeemed within the app. Furthermore, the app gives you the chance to save the store coupons for later use and receive notifications for the date of expiring.

Final thoughts

The above online shopping apps come to your Android device, offering great deals that buyers share among one another. Looking for the best discounts near you? Download your favorite online shopping and find the lowest prices or discounts at the stores around you. If you are looking for the lowest mobile phone you may not need to download any application you will find all the shopping stores prices at a single place. Just order from the one which is providing at low rates.

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