7 Steps to Expand Your Online Business in 2019

Expand Your Online Business
Written by Pradeep Kumar

No matter where you look today, you are bound to see a new Online Business sprout up. Everyone seems to want a piece of the cake. While that’s great for the economy, it means higher competition for you.

Armed with a business model and Spectrum internet plans I too tried my hand at running an online business after graduating. What I didn’t know then was that you need to keep growing in order to stay ahead of the competition. The online business industry is booming right now. So why not take advantage and enjoy the growth?

7 Steps to Grow Your Online Business

Growing your online business doesn’t require you to invest thousands of dollars. Unlike brick and mortar businesses. Of course, the more you invest the better results you can get. But you can use these steps with even low to no investment. Start working on growing your business today, and invest more in it when you can.

  1. Build Your Network
  2. Use Marketing Tools
  3. Diversify
  4. Stay Focused
  5. Use Social Media Wisely
  6. Optimize for Mobile Devices
  7. Improve Your Infrastructure
Expand Your Online Business

#1. Build Your Network

One of the fastest ways to grow your business is to build a network. A network of complementary businesses which you can collaborate with. Larger corporations do this all the time. Google collaborates with many phone manufacturers around the world. Google produces Android Software and companies like Samsung and HTC manufacture the phone.

These collaborations create a win-win situation for all partners. For one, it immediately gives each business access to the others’ customer base. Those awareness boosts are tremendously valuable. In addition to awareness, collaboration instantly makes your online business more credible.

#2. Use Marketing Tools

Marketing tools are a terrific resource for any online business. And they are crucial in analyzing your current market statistics. Without these tools, how can you expect to calculate your growth? There are marketing tools available that can help you analyze your social media accounts. And even tools that can help you manage them.

You might have to try a few at first, to find out which tools are best suited to your needs. But the great thing about online marketing tools is that they hardly cost anything. Though some of the tools need to be paid for, you can usually find free trial versions. These trial versions offer more than enough features to help you get started.

#3. Diversify

The key to business growth, online or traditional, is diversification. Increase your product or service lineup. The more you offer, the more you can grow. And the safer your business model becomes. Including a new product or service means that you don’t have to spend anything on attracting new customers.

You can generate more revenue streams for your business through your existing customer base. Additionally, your business becomes less susceptible to changing trends. If the trend for one product changes, you still have others to sustain your business. Most large companies are so successful because they diversified their product or service lineup. The power of diversification becomes obvious if you look at Google or Microsoft.

#4. Stay Focused

Some businesses make the mistake of forgetting their target market. In the race to expand their market reach, they start appealing to customer bases that aren’t interested. You wouldn’t expect a winter-wear brand to advertise in Saudi Arabia. Or how effective do you think it would be if an American Cable provider advertised in the UK?

It is important to stay focused on your target market. There are always new ways you can market your product if you want to grow your market share. But before you make any changes to your strategy, it is always better to analyze your market. You can also employ other companies that specialize in analyzing target markets and potentials.

#5. Use Social Media Wisely

Social media platforms are a crucial tool for any online business. They are the most economical way to reach your target market. But not just reach them. Social media is also a great tool to help you form connections with your consumers. If used correctly, social media can help you build strong brand loyalty amongst your target market.

But social media can go both ways. While it can be greatly beneficial for an online business, it can also be bad. If not handled professionally and with clear strategies, social media can break your entire business model. Within days you can lose all your goodwill with consumers. So you need to make sure that you use social media platforms wisely and with a clear plan.

#6. Optimize for Mobile Devices

Mobile usage trends and technology make it clear that the future is going to be mobile. Though your particular target market might not need you to be mobile-friendly right now. The current trends suggest that they will in the future. So why not start making the change now? Making your website and platforms mobile-friendly can help you grow.

#7. Improve Your Infrastructure

If your online business infrastructure can barely support your current demand, then what will you do if demand increases? So before you worry about increasing your demand, you should consider if your infrastructure can support growth. Have you ever considered why companies like Spectrum invest heavily in their support departments? If the Spectrum internet customer service department couldn’t handle their customers, would Spectrum be as successful? Of course not. Similarly, your support infrastructure needs to be able to handle the expansion of your business.

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