Key Features to Develop On-Demand Handyman App Like Uber

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Apps have made it quite simple to provide high demanding services to people around the world and it is no wonder that businesses are investing their time, money, and efforts in developing effective service apps. If you are someone with well-equipped knowledge and skills in home repair and maintenance, then a handyman app is the perfect tool for you. From assisting you in managing your business to expanding it, you get it all!
A handyman app is a platform that provides a range of skilled services like home repair and maintenance for both exterior and interior work. The services cover areas such as cleaning, electrical, controlling, plumbing, and carpentry work. These skilled hands are indispensable to our communities and better way to bring them all under one roof with Uber for Handyman App Development.

In this article, we have put together key features to develop a high demanding handyman app. So, take note, here we go!

Search Service for Specific Needs

When you are creating a handyman app, there are two primary customer needs that you should address. Firstly, offering a wide range of professional services according to the user’s needs. For this, you can incorporate a search filter where users can easily and quickly find various services ranging from electrical work to furniture assembling. In addition to this, you can also create a drop-down search menu for your users to effortlessly find all types of services with specific expertise.

Secondly, the users should be able to access the services as soon as possible. An effective way to achieve this is by integrating a geographical map for the user to find the closest handyman. Moreover, adding a geolocation map will decrease the search time in your application and this can be particularly useful in times of emergency.

Managing Appointments

We live in a hustling and bustling world where convenience is of great necessity. So, ensure this is the top priority when you create your handyman app. This means you need to include features that enable users to schedule and cancel appointments and pre-book professional handyman service as per their time and place. Moreover, it is easier for your application manager to handle professionals and their working hours in an orderly manner.

To stand out from the crowd, your app should also contain a cancellation feature where users who cancel the service last minute are charged with no cancellation fee.

Payment Methods

Inconvenient payment methods can foster a negative user experience which in turn can impact the business. For making payments easier, incorporate a wide range of payment options such as card payment, payment gateways, and mobile wallets. In addition, all payments on the app should be fast and secure.

A quick tip is, make available well-recognized methods for payment rather than new and unfamiliar payment options because inconvenient payment options or unsuccessful transactions can raise insecurity or frustrate the users.

Location Tracking

After confirming services to customers, providing them an option to track the service provider will help them to be aware of the handyman’s precise location and the approximate time of arrival. It is also extremely useful for the handyman to conveniently locate at the place of the respective customer and arrive on time. This feature comprises of,

  • Area capture with the help of GPS
  • Reporting on submission GPS location
  • Map positioning
  • Work system tracking

The real-time tracking enables you to receive comprehensive reports on all the ongoing activities.

Ratings and Reviews

In the handyman application, each user should have the option to rate and review the service provider for their respective services. These are valuable tools for existing and new customers to learn about the quality of services they can expect from the service provider/handyman.

On the other hand, when bad ratings and reviews express the disappointment of the customers, it provides you with an opportunity to evaluate the workforce and replace underperforming workers with more effective ones.

In a nutshell, reviews and ratings help you to gain a deeper understanding of the services you provide and how you can better enrich the experiences of your users.

Tutorials & DIY Videos

Believe me, users are more attracted to and appreciate apps that go the extra mile with their features. Regularly post tutorials, videos, and simple tips to impart knowledge and make them feel part of a larger learning community. In addition, you can also create videos to assist users in fixing minor issues around their homes.

Visual content is more engaging and you can attract more users by creating content that covers topics such as home décor, cleaning, organizing, and hosting house parties. This portrays that your handyman app is going well beyond just offering basic services and your app is sure to win some hearts!

Media Capture

To incorporate capturing photos of objects and videos into the app’s user, a custom camera UI design is supported by the handyman application can be designed. This can include several features like capturing & importing pictures, photo library, photo image time, date, and location, barcode and QR code scanning, and lastly, URL link to other sites.


Handyman Businesses are a great opportunity to tap into the sharing economy. And Nowadays, Handyman services are in high demand and can be very lucrative. If you’re thinking of starting one, or simply want to know what features to develop in your app, read on. We’ve put together a list of key features that have made Uber and other successful handyman apps so popular. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, but it should give you a good place to start. We at Uber Clone App have years of experience and expertise to develop a successful app that meets the needs of your customers for both Android and iOS devices.

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