The difference between http and https protocol and how it works?

Do you know what is HTTP and what is HTTPS? You must have seen these two words in the address bar of your browser, you must have seen it at the beginning of a website url. Sometimes this question may have come to your mind that what is http and https, how it works and what is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS. We have tried to give full information about HTTP and HTTPS in this article, I hope you read this article and you will get an answer to all your questions related to HTTP and HTTPS.

What is HTTP?

The full form of HTTP is HyperText Transfer Protocol and it is used in the World Wide Web, but here the protocol is set of rules, which are used during the exchange of information between the web browser and the server.

Whenever http is written before the address of any website (such as, any kind of data (such as text, image, audio, video file etc.) between web browser and server But they have to follow certain rules and these rules are prescribed by the HTTP protocol.

This protocol determines how the format of transferring data will be, how it will be transmitted, and how the browser and the server will respond to different commands.

Nowadays there is no need to type http in the browser because browser by default uses HTTP, so when you enter the address of the website directly it comes automatically http: //.

How does it work?

HTTP is the protocol of an application layer that means it does all work through the application. This is a request-response protocol through the client and server can communicate with each other, including our browser like Internet Explorer or google chrome and server, our web-server like Apache etc which is installed on any machine, we request anything is.

What is HTTPS?

The security of the HTTP is quite weak and can be easily hacked it can not be used to send payment gateway or sensitized information at all So HTTPS is make to complete this work. The data sent through the HTTPS protocol goes completely encrypted, so it is not possible to hack it easily. The data in HTTPS is Secure Sockets Layer.

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HTTPS is extremely secure to overturn old HTTP on which search engines also trust more. Therefore, we see websites with HTTPS above the google search, though it is only necessary if we put any kind of payment gateway on our website or user Let’s take its sensitive information from.

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How does it work?

HTTPS works just like the correct HTTP, the only difference is that it encrypts the data sent by the server or client, so that the data becomes secure.

Like if you enter some of your details like a password in a website with an HTTP certification, then your data will go into the form of normal text which can be easily dropped, whereas if the same website has an HTTPS certification then your data will be secure so that Cannot be easily dropped.

SSL ie Secure Sockets Layer is a technology used to create encrypted connections between web-server and browsers. Web server requires an SSL certificate to create an SSL connection, which requires two cryptographic keys to activate, one of which is the Public key and the other is Private key.

Differences in http and https

  • The security of the HTTP is quite weak, it can be easily hacked, while HTTPS is a fairly secure protocol, it is not easy to hack.
  • Data packets in HTTP are sent without any encryption, whereas data packets in HTTPS are encrypted.
  • The certificates for HTTP are available for every website whereas SSL for HTTPS (secure Sockets Layer) is taken separately.

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