Microsoft outlook error codes list and solutions

outlook error codes list

What is an Outlook error code?

An outlook error codes list is defined as a set of 1 or more characters followed by a value, whether one or more of those characters and the value are not allowed to be displayed in a program or a piece of software. These codes differ between Microsoft Outlook and the Microsoft Outlook mobile app. Microsoft Outlook Error Codes What are Outlook error codes in Outlook?

It is a set of 1 or more characters followed by a value. You must understand that you can use the following values for error codes: 0x0 – Nothing to do, there is no problem, nothing at all, nothing can be done. 0x1 – The program or piece of software or data may crash when trying to display that code, the error code causes the program or piece of software to crash and not work properly.

Types of Outlook errors

General outlook error codes list

0x800CCC80 0x800CCC00 0x800CCC03 0x800CCC05
0x800CCC0A 0x800CCC0B 0x800CCC0D 0x800CCC0E
0x800CCC0F 0x800CCC10 0x800CCC11 0x800CCC12
0x800CCC13 0x800CCC14 0x800CCC15 0x800CCC16
0x800CCC17 0x800CCC18 0x800CCC19 0x800CCC1A

POP3 outlook error

0x800420CB 0x8004210A 0x8004210B 0x800CCC90
0x800CCC91 0x800CCC92 0x800CCC93 0x800CCC94
0x800CCC95 0x800CCC96 0x800CCC97

SMTP outlook error

0x800420C8 0x800CCC60 0x800CCC61 0x800CCC62
0x800CCC63 0x800CCC64 0x800CCC65 0x800CCC66
0x800CCC67 0x800CCC68 0x800CCC69 0x800CCC6A
0x800CCC6B 0x800CCC6C 0x800CCC6D 0x800CCC6E
0x800CCC6F 0x800CCC78 0x800CCC79 0x800CCC7A

NNTP outlook error codes list

0x800CCCA0 0x800CCCA1 0x800CCCA2 0x800CCCA3
0x800CCCA4 0x800CCCA5 0x800CCCA6 0x800CCCA7
0x800CCCA8 0x800CCCA9 0x800CCCAA 0x800CCCAB
0x800CCCAC 0x800CCCAD 0x800CCCAE

RAS/DUN outlook error

0x800CCCC2 0x800CCCC3 0x800CCCC4 0x800CCCC5

Winsock outlook error

0x800CCC40 0x800CCC41 0x800CCC43
0x800CCC44 0x800CCC45

IMAP error

0x800CCCD1 0x800CCCD2 0x800CCCD3 0x800CCCD4
0x800CCCD5 0x800CCCD7 0x800CCCD8 0x800CCCD9
0x800CCCDB 0x800CCCDC 0x800CCCDD 0x800CCCDF


0x80040154 0x800C0133 0x800C0131 0x800C8105
0x80040900 0x80042109 0x8004210A 0x8004060C
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