Top 7 SQL Log Recovery Software for windows(2020)

The SQL Server database is essential software for every organization smaller as well as the larger one because all crucial business data is stored in it. But sometimes the database gets corrupted and becomes inaccessible. At this instant, you need to recover the SQL database. And while recovering the database with MDF and LDF file, It is not possible to connect the log file which means the LDF file is corrupted or lost. So, here in this blog, we will discuss SQL Log Recovery software. As several utilities are available to recover SQL log files, choosing the appropriate tool is not that simple. This blog will help you to get an appropriate tool for your needs.

List of Top SQL Log Recovery Tools:

Here are the top seven SQL recovery tools that will help you to repair or recover the lost SQL log file.

1. SysInfoTools SQL Transaction Log Recovery software:

SQL Transaction Log Recovery of SysInfoTools is one of the proficient Software to repair and recover LDF files. With this SQL Log Analyzer software, users can easily fix the corrupt transaction logs of SQL Server. All you have to do is choose the LDF file and the corresponding MDF file.

Key Features :-

  • Allows its users to filter the data as per the specific date range.
  • No need for prior technical knowledge to run this software.
  • Supported by LDF files generated by SQL Server 2005 including the later versions.
  • Save the restored data in the form of SQL database or SQL scripts.
  • Save the table constraints along with the primary keys, foreign keys, etc.

Database file Recovery SQL Log recovery tool:

The SQL Log Recovery Tool solves the issue of the transaction log file of SQL Server in the easiest way. This tool repairs and recovers the LDF File of SQL in a very little time. It also enables its users to repair the transaction queries like UPDATE, DELETE, and INSERT. This tool is the most prompt way to save table constraints like foreign keys, primary keys, etc.

Key Features:-

  • Provides date range features to store the required repaired or restored data.
  • Developed to restore data such as sql_variant, Datetime2, geometry, etc.
  • Highly supportive ,supports: 2005,2008,2012,2014,2016 and 2017.
  • Automatically provide the file information like SQL file coalition & version.

Systools Log Analyzer tool :

Systools log analyzer tool is a good recovery tool as it helps you to find out critical modification in the records. This tool helps you to view and analyze the MS SQL Transactions like update and Insert and Delete. This tool works on offline as well as on an online database. It requires MDF Files to analyze the database.

Key features:-

  • Analyze SQL log file transactions and perform SQL LDF file recovery in no time.
  • Enables users to preview LDF Activity such as Transaction, Time, Name, Table Name, & Query.
  • View and Analyze All Transactions such as INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, etc.
  • Supported by SQL Server 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 and SQL Server 2005 LDF Files.

4. Kernel SQL Database Log Recovery Tool:

This recovery tool is another software to repair the database log file. It has a fast processor and support for several SQL versions make it a desirable product for Database administrators.

Key Features of SQL Database Recovery:

  • The tool is used to find the SQL version that requires to be restored.
  • An important feature of Kernel SQL recovery tool allows its users to restore files to SQL database while SQL Server is running.
  • Damaged tables can also be saved after recovery.

5. Aryson LOG Analyzer:

This tool is the most prominent SQL Log Recovery Software to repair and restore log files and also extracts the transaction logs from it. With this tool SQL Transaction, log Recovery users can easily solve the issue of corrupt transaction log of SQL Database. All you have to do is to choose the MDF and LDF file corresponding to the server.

Key Features:-

  • Recovers corrupt or damaged logFile safely and securely.
  • It allows its users to choose LDF as well as the MDF file to solve the corrupt log of the SQL database.
  • Enables its users to take a preview of SQL log such as Transaction, Table Name, Time, Name, & Query.
  • Provides you an Auto-display feature that shows details of SQL file like file version and SQL file collation.
  • Users do not require to have the technical expertise to run the tool for recovery.

6. Stellar SQL Log Recovery Software:

This Stellar recovery software recovers the corrupt log file and MDF file of MS SQL. This database recovery product recovers the basic SQL errors and saves them in distinct file formats.

Key features:-

  • Repair and recover SQL Database MDF and NDF Files.
  • Restore the removed data from SQL Database.
  • Enables you to save the recovered document in various file extensions.
  • Supports entire editions of the MS SQL server.

7. Cigati SQL Log Recovery Software:

Cigati SQL Recovery is one of the best suited and most recommended software by the professionals to recover and restore SQL Database. Recovers both MDF and NDF files. users to fix the entire SQL database along with all the data objects such as tables, views, stored procedures, programmability, triggers, default, and functions.

Key Features:-

  • Efficiently repairs the damaged MDF and NDF files of SQL Server database.
  • Enables users to recover the entire SQL items such as tables, programmability, triggers, default, and different capacities.
  • Capable to restore both ASCII and Unicode XML information types SQL Database.
  • Highly Supportive with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, and 2000.


SQL Database is easily vulnerable to corruption and as a database administrator, we know how hectic it is to restore the back. So here, we discussed the top seven SQL log Recovery Software that recovers SQL database log files securely and smoothly. You can choose any of them to deal with your issue.

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