How to Open Access Database Without Access Application

open access database files without ms access

Being an IT Professional I always receive queries on how to open access database without access or MS Access. And I understand the fact that many of us MS access users face this issue when you don’t have the MS Access in your system. So, here in this write up we will discuss to open MDB File or ACCDB file without MS Access. 

But before we start the methods to view the MDB or ACCDB files Let’s understand about access database.

What is an Access Database MDB/ACCDB file?

MDB i.e, Microsoft Database is a database file launched by Microsoft Access. MDB is the default database file format used in older versions of Microsoft Access. The Access Database(ACCDB) is the newer or currently used version of  MS Access. MDB files are comprised of database queries, tables, and many other components that are used to link to or to store data from other file formats such as HTML and XML and also a few applications as Excel, SharePoint, etc.

Here we understand about MDB/ACCDB Files now Let’s understand why we need to open access database without access. 

Why do we need to open MDB/ACCDB File without MS Access?

There are several situations where you need to open MDB File or ACCDB file without Access. In a case when you get an MDB file or ACCDB file from another individual or colleague and you don’t have the MS Access on your computer. Then you feel helpless and need to access these files without MS Access. So, it is important to have alternate ways or methods to open these files even in the absence of MS Access.

In the next section Let’s discuss the methods to open and edit MDB and ACCDB files in the absence of MS Access. 

How to Open Access Database without Access?

We can open ACCDB or MDB File without installing MS Access in the system with the help of the following methods. There are several ways to open the MDB or ACCDB file without Access but here we will discuss the commonly used methods:

Method 1. With MS Excel: 

Users can open the ACCDB/ MDB files on the system with Microsoft Excel in the absence of MS Access the system. This is the most common way to open an Access DB file with Excel when Microsoft Access fails to work. In this process, you need to import the .mdb file into MS Excel. But, the data may get saved into spreadsheets.

Method 2. With LibreOffice:

With the  Libreoffice Base, users are enabled to create, view and edit MDB files very easily. Also, you can access or view other types of MDB Files. With this Libre office, you are allowed to also sort, modify, search, filter, import, and export MDB or ACCDB Files.

Method 3.Using Note Pad:

Most of the time it is noticed that the content in MDB files is text-based independent of the file extension. And you can open them with Notepad. Despite this, you may or may not open and show the contents in the MDB file. But, you must try to open the MDB file with Notepad or with any other text editor utility. 

Method 4. Oxygen Professional Base:

This is another important utility that helps you to open or view MDB files. If LibreOffice fails to view and open the MDB Files. This is a good alternative to use Oxygen Professional base to create, edit, and view MDB or ACCDB files. You can also import or export MDB files with this utility.

Method 5. With DB Tool:

DB tool is an access database tool that supports different file formats like  ACCDB, MDB, XML, HTML, and many others. This tool is available for free a free tool but that doesn’t mean that its function to open, edit and create MDB files is affected. 

Method 6. Using Third-Party Software:

Here, we discussed various ways to open access database without access. These ways are good but have consequences like Time-consuming, data loss, and also you need to have strong technical expertise. So to prevent these consequences and get a hassle-free way to open MDB or ACCDB Files you can use a third-party utility as MDB File Viewer. This tool not only opens the normal Access Database files but also opens the corrupt MDB or ACCDB Files. This tool is developed with simple GUI so that any users either technical or nontechnical can easily execute this tool.


I hope after reading this blog you will be able to open MDB/ACCDB files easily and reliably. And if in the case all the manual ways fail freely use the third-party utility. Using this tool you can open or view even the corrupt MS Access MDB or ACCDB files on your PC without any hassle.

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