Top 10 Recommended Software To Gmail Backup Tools Given By Expert

Gmail is a platform developed by Google to send and receive emails from various people, firms, and business partners around the globe. These mails are extremely important for some people. Hence, it is advisable to keep a backup of all your emails, in case you lose one accidentally. However, if you look at Gmail Backup Tool, it serves you the facility to download your data.

Don’t Worry! This doesn’t mean, you won’t be able to back up your mails, rather I assure you a quick and efficient way to do the same.

Not from Google itself, but there are tools from other sources for backing up your mails. I am listing down below Top 10 Best Gmail backup tools to use in 2020.

Backupify for GSuite

Backupify lets you recover accidentally removed mails or drive files. It is a sufficient app to handle all your mails by creating backup and lets you recover them at the time of your need. It can recover maliciously deleted mails. It also prevents your files from being deleted by a third-party or an employee of your office. Also, it a secured application, which means, no third-party application can interfere in your emails through this software. It also features automatic backup after certain days, which lets you make a refreshed copy of your data from time to time.

SpinBackup GSuite Backup

With this highly advanced cyber software, you can create a backup of G Suite or Office 365. Particularly, in term of Gmail backup, it one of the most advanced software which lets you backup your data on AWS or Google Clouds. You can also navigate to a location of your choice to save everything in just a few seconds. It also provides you 24 x 7 monitoring for risk recovery. It lets you identify, blacklisted apps, security risks, and business risk, and keeps you updated about your organization.

UpSafe Gmail Backup

UpSafe Gmail Backup is a free Gmail backup tool. It features advanced filtering based on mail’s size and types. It automatically archives your mail to make room in your mailbox. It features automatic scheduled backup for better assurance and also provides you with the chart of your backup history. Even in the backup, you can see your messages titles and texts and fetch the one without backing up entirely. It provides 3 GB of cloud space free for backup from which the data can be restored anytime.

Aryson Gmail Backup Tool

Aryson for Gmail Backup is an efficient tool. It lets you Backup Gmail messages in the many formats such as PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, DOC, XPS, etc. The tool lets you backup Inbox, sent items, and even spams also. Sometimes spams are important. The tool is capable of taking backup from multiple accounts at once. It has advanced filtering if you want to backup emails of a particular date range. The application also features selective backup to back up your email within a selected date range. The tool saves the data on navigated location in the hard disk.

HandyBackup Gmail Backup

Gmail Backup tool from HandyBackup allows you to back up your emails to Google Drive, Microsoft Drive, and an external USB also. The tool features backup in native format. It saves them as EML files which are easily understandable to the clients, which means you can read the titles and the messages without recovering the entire account. HandyBackup runs operation for a scheduled backup. You can define a time interval for the backup to be made. you also get notifications on successful backup and any other activity.

Dropsuite GSuite Backup

Dropsuite G Suite Backup tool is one of the best software for Gmail backup and recovery. No issue if you have lost a mail by malicious deletion, this tool will certainly help you to get them back. It features automatic backup to keep you up to date with a fresh copy of the backup. The backup is fully encrypted with AES-256-bit encryption. This tool also provides you room for unlimited storage, so that you don’t have to worry about out of space. In the end, you can make up a one-tap restore to recover a file or entire backup. 

Gmvault Gmail Backup

With Gmvault Gmail Backup, you can back up all your emails to a located directory. The folder can easily be moved from one device to another so that you can recover it on any device, and recover in a way at it was. It also runs backup on a scheduled basis to maintain an up to date fresh copy. It one of the most trusted open-source applications over the internet. It makes the use of IMAP service to give you a hassle-free experience. The emails are well encrypted in the email repository which can be accessed in the future.

Kernel Gmail Backup Tool

Next in the list is the Kernel Gmail Backup tool. It’s an amazing application to let you backup your email to a located place in your hard drive. The file can be imported in formats like PST, PDF, EML, MSG, and MBOX, etc. You can also make the use of this application to transfer mail from one account to another by taking backup from one and restoring it to another. It has an advanced email filter tool to do the selective backup. Also, the interface is quite easy and understandable. 

Sysinfo Gmail Backup Tool

Sysinfo Gmail backup tool is great for Gmail backup or making a copy to the hard drive. It can back up your emails in various formats such as PDF, MBOX, PST, MSG, CSV, HTML, etc. Once backed up, you can import them to other accounts, Hotmail and Linux Thunderbird. You can also filter the emails date-wise before creating the backup, and can also assign a new name to the final file. Sysinfo Gmail backup tool has a very simplistic UI to work with, which ensures reliability and faster performance.

Spanning GSuite Backup

Spanning G Suite backup is a sufficient application for email stacks recovery. However, it covers the entire G Suite backup that comprises calendars, contacts, Gmail, and Google drive, without a limitation to storage. The tools run an automated backup after a certain period. The period is, however, determined by you. What makes it different is the feature to monitor the state of your backups, if any issue, you can resolve and make an anytime one-tap recovery.

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