What is the Meaning of Hashtag in Social Media?

If you are an active user on social media, you must have interacted with hashtags. It is not a new trend anymore but it seem to be an interesting way of describing the content like a status, video or an image posted on social media. But If you are unaware of the meaning of hashtag, its existence, and the importance of it in social media.  Let’s explore!

What does Hashtag Means?

The hashtag can a word or unspaced phrases after a symbol #; like #MeaningOfHashtag on the social network, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram recently introduced on LinkedIn.  The phrases might context letters, underscore, number, smiley’s (really famous nowadays). A meaning of hashtag very much different in social media aspect, which helps you increase the presence of a post social media by anyone who has an interest in that particular topic which goes beyond just your followers.  

It was first proposed by Chris Messina on Twitter, who suggested the use of pound # sign on groups, but the practice quickly turned out to commonly used on Twitter. Even though the hashtag was popular on Twitter which followed the use of hashtags on another social media platform Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and Google+, now on YouTube and LinkedIn.

If you have interest on social media and using the number of social accounts to increase your business visibility. Then with the help of Hashtag, you could increase the audience reach, How? Let’s dig in with its importance and use on social media.

How it’s important to use hashtags?

There is a huge amount of posting over the social network, where it becomes hard for the people to find a useful and a post. Hashtags help recognize and show up your content in social searches which enables you to increase your brand identity or awareness about your business. For more awareness can create a larger audience and a larger audience increases fresh leads for your business.

Keep in mind; include 2 to 3 relevant hashtag in your posts that defines your business helps your audience to reach out the content. While using hashtags in between the post you must;

  • Never use a space or punctuation mark.
  • Use series of words, always put the words together.
  • Use the first letter in capitalized form to make it readable.
  • No capitalization have no impacts on the search results.
  • It should be short, descriptive, unique and relevant.
  •  Easy to remember and spelt.

Best Hashtag Practices on Different the Social Media

On Twitter

The best practice to use Hashtag on twitter in not more than two hashtags. Tweet safer a drop in engagement if you use increase the tags more than 2 hashtag. Make sure to check the popularity of the Hashtag to know if it’s relevant to be used in a tweet. You must always place the Hashtag at the end of the tweet or make it part of the sentence used in the tweet.

On Instagram

Instagram use hashtags in a different ways, like more tags you will see more engagement. But always remember using hashtags more then 30 can drop down the engagements on your profile. Before moving forward to use tags, you must research what your audience are searching for and how your competitors  are leading with more followers. So to keep everything neat it is the best practice to put your relevant tags at the end of your caption separated by dots or asterisks.

On YouTube

You must be aware of the recent update by YouTube, it can now play with # Hashtags. There are three places where hashtags is displayed: in Title, in Description, and in Top of the Title. But you are allowed only 15 Hashtags in the description where only 1st 3 tags are visible on Top of the Title.

On Facebook and LinkedIn

Many people do use hashtags on Facebook and LinkedIn but # Hashtags does not work here. It is recommended to limit or minimize using # sign on FB & LinkedIn because it really do not have effect on your post. But using brand-specific #tags, is not an bad idea.

Final Words

If  you still not working with Hashtags on social media, be it a personal or business profile, it is never too late.  The meaning of hashtags on social media is really different but relevant use of it can grow your business continuously.

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