Descriptive List of 100 Image File Formats

Descriptive List of 100 Image File Formats

As we all know there are various file formats for images supported in different media. But very few know what those formats actually means. Therefore, in this article, I am going to show you the list of all image formats which are available on the web and you can easily grab the information related to respective picture format.

100 File Formats in the List of All Image Formats

I know it would be difficult for you to find a particular file format among hundreds of formats. So, to make it convenient for you I’ll recommend that kindly Press Ctrl + F and enter the file format to know more about it.

List of All Image Formats

First I’ll discuss some common image file formats which are used by normal smartphone users.

JPEGJPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group which supports 8-bit grayscale images and 24- bit color images. If the JPEG image is compressed, then it doesn’t affect the visual quality of the image.
JPEG 2000It is an upgraded format of JPEG file and it is also used in movie editing and require more computational power to process.
EXIFThis file format means exchangeable image format and it is used to standardize the image exchange process.
TIFFTagged Image File format stores 8-bit and 16-bit per color which are red, green, and blue.
GIFGraphics Interchange Format is used to store different images in one format and the transition of images display a motion to the users.
BMPThe BMP file format is only designed to manage graphics files in Windows.
PNGPortable Network Graphics supports eight-bit palette images and provides transparency to all palette colors.
PNMPortable any map is a compilation of PPM (Portable Pixmap), PGM (Portable Graymap), and PM (Portable bitmap) which are purely ASCII files.
WebPIt a file format designed by Google and it helps to reduce the size of the image and increases the loading speed of the web page.
HEIFHigh-Efficiency Image file format is used to specify storage of HEVC Intra coded and coded images.
BATBAT image format offers versatile compression, metadata capacity, and color management.
BPGBetter Portable Graphics is a newly introduced image file format which has resolved the issue of large size of images and low quality.

The list of all image formats also includes raster format which also has many image formats.

Raster Formats

DEEP TV Paint Uses this file format.
DRW It is used to preserve all the drawings done on an image.
ECW Enhanced Compression Wavelet image is used for optimizing aerial and satellite imagery.
FITS Flexible Image Transport System is used for data transmission and processing.
FLIF Free Lossless Image Format Outperform WebP, BPG, PNG, and JPEG200 lossless in terms of Compression.
ICO It is the Computer icons in MS Windows.
ILBM Interleaved Bitmap is used on Amiga Platform and IBM systems.
IMG ERDAS Imagine Image.
JPEG XR This file format is useful for continuous tone photographic images.
Nrrd Nearly Raw Raster Data represents the dimensional rater data.
PAM Portable Arbitrary Map is used in UNIX languages.
PCX Personal Computer Exchange is a file format for PC Paintbrush.
PGF Progressive Graphics File is invented to replace JPEG Format.
PLBM Planar Bitmap proprietary Amiga Format.
SGI Silicon Graphics Image used for Silicon Workstations.
SID Multiresolution Seamless image useful for encoding georeferenced raster graphics.
Sun Raster SunOS uses this file format.
TGA It is a file format for TARGA and VISTA boards.
VICAR This file format is developed by NASA.
XISF Extensible Image Serialization Format.

Raster Graphics Editors

CD5This file format is used for graphics editing with super-resolution and animation.
CPTCoral Photo-Paint is the file format of coral Draw.
PSDIt is an Adobe Photoshop file format.
PSPPaint Shop Pro is a vector graphics editor for Windows.
XCFExperimental Computing Facility is an image-editing program.
PDNIt is a file format for windows

Vector Formats

CGMComputer Graphics Metafile is a 2D vector graphics file format.
Gerber FormatIt is a 2D bi-level Image Description Format.
SVGScalable Vector Graphics is a Versatile and Scriptable vector format. 2D Vector Formats.

2D Vector Formats

AFDesignIt is a Vector Graphics Editor for Mac OS.
AIThis file format is used in Adobe Illustrator.
CDRCoral Draw Editor uses this file format.
Drawing MLThis format represents electronic office documents.
GEMVDI Subsystem uses Graphics Environment Manager formats.
Graphics Layout EngineIt is scripting language which designs plots, diagrams, and slides.
HPGLHewlett Packard Graphics Language which is printer control format.
HVIFHaiku Vector Icon Format usually stores icons.
MathMLmathematical markup language describes mathematical notations and content.
NAPLPSThis graphics language is used in videotext and Teletext.
ODGOpen Documents Graphics is a Zip file for charts and presentations.
PGF/TikZIt includes POST Scripts Drawings.
QCCThis Image File format is used for making quilts.
RegisRemote Graphic Instruction Set supports rudimentary vector graphics.
Remote Imaging ProtocolThis format is used for sending vector graphics with low bandwidth speed.
VMLVector Markup Language is based on vector graphics with two-dimensional.
XARXARA Photos and Graphic Designer uses Xar format.
XPSXML Paper Specification is a fixed-document format.

3D Vector Formats

AMFAdditive Manufacturing File Format is a standard to describe additive manufacturing processes.
AsymptoteIt is a descriptive vector graphics language.
.blendIt is an open-source 3D Computer Graphics.
COLLADAIt is an Interchange File format for 3D applications.
.dwfDesign Web Format is an Auto Desk File Format
.dwgIt is Binary File format used in two- dimensional and three-dimensional data.
.dxfIt is an Auto Cad file format.
Open FlightIt is a Geometrical Model.
IGESInitial Graphics Exchange Specification.
JTISO Standardized 3D Format.
IMMLImmersive Media Markup Language.
.MAMaya ASCII Format.
.MBMaya binary Format.
.OBJAlias Wavefront file format.
OpenGexOpen Game Engine Exchange used in Gaming Engines.
PLYPolygon File format stores 3D scanners data.
POV-RayPersistence of Vision Ray creates text-based scene description.
PRCEmbed 3D data as PDF.
STEPComputer Interpretable Representation and Exchange Format.
SKPSketchUp format is used for digital drawings.
STLStereolithography format used in CAD software.
U3DCompressed Files for Graphics Data.
VRMLVirtual Reality Modelling Language designed for the worldwide web.
XAMLExtensible Application Markup Language initialize structured values and objects.
XVLLightweight 3D file format for computer graphics.
xVRMLThis format represents 3D interactive Computer Graphics.
XAMLThis format initializes structured values and objects.
X3DIt is a Royalty Free Image format.
.3dsAuto Desk 3D uses this file format.
3DXMLDassault Systemes has developed this file format.
X3D3D Application uses X3D file format.

Compound Formats

EPSEncapsulated Post Scripts Describes images and drawings placed in the format.
PDFPortable Document Format is an independent format for all users.
PICTThis software is widely supported in the Mac operating system.
SWFShockwave Flash is the file format of Adobe Flash player.
XAMLIt is a markup language used in Windows operating system.


Well, I have given you the list of all image formats that every image possesses. Now, you can find the needed format and know about it. There are basically 100 image file formats which I have mentioned in this article and you can upgrade your knowledge by knowing more about them. I hope my blog has proved informative to you.

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