The Cost and Benefit Analysis of Developing Android Applications

Android, an open-source platform, distributed to a wide range of companies, has almost dominated more than half of the market, leading to its popularity. The unprecedented growth of the android market can be suggested by its play store statistics generating revenue of $34.4 billion adding to a 14 percent growth to the previous year’s revenue. But the question arises why businesses opt to develop android applications as compared to other app development platforms?

There are solid reasons why android app development companies are booming in the industry and there exists aggressive competition due to many firms producing android apps to target users with innovative and breathtaking apps. Here is how:

1. Diverse Customer Base

The popularity of android apps is not a new thing to be known in the present time. Many smartphone companies adopt the use of an android operating system due to its code being open source, allowing customizations to software and many other capabilities as opposed to other platforms such as IOS, who have strict policies and procedures to follow giving no freedom.

Customers can be found on a range of smartphone devices, even cheap phones with limited hardware specifications can run android software that makes it easier for developers to develop apps across all mobile devices, keeping in mind how powerful a device is.

2. Highly Customizable

In the customer-centric world that we live in, organizations need to meet user expectations and align business objectives with user needs. Android platforms deliver a firm with the opportunity to portray their vision by acquiring android application development services, reaching out to a vast customer base.

Android renders high scalability that is imperative for startups that are looking forward to developing a diverse list of potential customers. Huge multinationals such as Samsung or Google have adopted android platforms, allowing them to tweak changes in the user interface, changes in code structure and adding of custom libraries, giving full control to the user.

3. App Discovery

The cost of an android app depends on the level of research undertaken in analyzing the market. Analyzing competitor products in finding out the features helps organizations to learn from the gaps that are missing. The prime focus is to find out devices used by customers and the in-demand features for firms to enhance those features in better ways.

Secondly, setting user personas, allows firms to learn and understand more about the user’s response to android  applications that would include a graphical interface, app size, and other factors.

4. Android Application and Scoping

The cost of an android application is entirely dependent on its scope. This stage consists of the primary decisions that are made such as features to be integrated, features, and functionalities, etc. the level of complexity will determine the cost of the application for example firms developing mobile applications now tend to adopt cross-platform tools to create apps that significantly saves time and costs of developing by producing unified code.

Factors such as integrating third-party apps or enhancing app functionality by allowing multiple ways to make purchases can affect the budget on a great scale. Amazing technologies such as augmented technology are being amalgamated to provide a seamless and enhanced user experience where developers specialized in android application development services, expand the scope of an app to greater lengths.

5. Type of Application

Every individual application type has a cost attached to it. There are various app types that come with its own set of functionalities, security criteria, and many more elements. For instance, M-commerce apps have an increased demand that continues to rank at the top of the market.

It has eliminated the need for developing websites; applications being able to perform effectively well in real-time, scalable to handle millions of users at a single time. Secondly, social networking apps requiring integration of third-party apps can make developing costs expensive since they can utilize not only software resources but hardware as well.

Android application development services are one of the most employed services utilized by firms who know the importance of developing applications to reach out to a diverse list of potential customers worldwide. This trend is continuing with new technologies emerging rapidly such as Blockchain, virtual reality, cyber securities are just some examples.

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