Shopify Mobile Apps for Revenue (Boost your Sales)

Do you have a Shopify store? Already have sales and traffic, but are you still looking for more conversions? Are you looking for the best converting app for your online store? This article introduces you to the best free Shopify mobile apps for revenue that can increase sales and conversions, promote your business, provide great customer support, manage inventory, and more.

 The Shopify App Store is full of different types of free and paid Shopify apps. It’s easy to wonder what it takes for an e-commerce business to succeed in today’s highly competitive digital environment. You can’t easily increase sales and conversions without the right tools.

 If you’re looking for a solution to increase your sales and conversion rates, this Shopify app is a great resource for growing your eCommerce store. There is no better way to increase conversions and conversions without spending a dime than using the best free eCommerce app for Shopify on the App Store.

Common problems after opening an online store

You may encounter traffic and sales in your store. But if you want to increase your conversions, keep looking for the best Shopify mobile apps for revenue. Set to manage user interface, communicate with customers, fight business fraud for performance verification. But sometimes, after trying, you find that a popular app is not what you expect.


OptinMonster is the world’s exceptional conversion optimization software that can help you get more email subscribers, decrease buying cart pace, and enlarge your normal sales. However, I have no hassle adding OptinMonster to this listing of the best Shopify mobile apps for revenue. Of all the advertising apps on this list, OptinMonster is one of the pleasant apps for instantaneous sales tracking. Check out the consequences below.

The OpitnMonster app works seamlessly with Shopify and offers the best one-click integration with email marketing and CRM services. The process is very easy. Sign in to OptinMonster create dynamic campaigns. Win a campaign with pop-ups, floating warning bars, scroll sliders, or fun twists and turns.

 Candy Rack

Candy Rack is one of the best Shopify shopping / cross-selling apps. And if you don’t sell or cross-sell to your customers, you have money on the table.

The seller is served through an inconspicuous pop-up menu on the product page that appears after the buyer clicks the Add to Cart button. A pop-up window indicates that each sale or crocross-shall be added to the main product using a tree structure.

 Referral Candy

So, if you don’t use the referral program, your sales will drop. Referral Candy is one of best Shopify mobile apps for Revenue generation, the ad encourages customers to connect with their friends.

You can choose your desired price for an unlimited number of links. The Referral Candy system includes automatic delivery of price and referral notifications and a referral tracking panel.

 app revenue starts at $ 49 per month. Want to know more about your customers’ secret thoughts to boost sales? This is how you create a WordPress search popup menu using OptinMonster. Rewards

Whether your customers adhere to your brand or not, loyalty programs can be very attractive. Customers are interested in the brand and the personal services and rewards associated with this program. allows you to attract more loyal customers that will increase your bank balance through multiple purchases by offering a loyalty program on your Shopify store.

 With Smile .io, you can earn bonus points in a variety of ways, including creating an account, posting products on social media, tracking your brand, and more. Rewards program. Upgrade costs start at $ 50 per month. Would you like to continue to interact with your customers after they open an account? Check out our guide to the 7 types of emails subscribers always receive.


One of the biggest challenges for eCommerce owners is that they don’t know how to grow their business. Even after learning a proven strategy, it can often be difficult to start a business. He knows you. Sumo recently found a solution to the above problem.

 Sumo Shortcuts: Use Sumo today to add to your mailing list, reduce abandoned carts, increase average order volume, switch shoppers in a window, and more. … … With shortcuts, Sumo offers the easiest way to turn your visitors into eCommerce subscribers.


Everyone knows the magical power of feedback. I read reviews, you read reviews, everyone reads it. Yotpo helps you to easily create, increase traffic, and increase sales. It is the best platform for creating free reviews, and it has great videos on how it works.

Additional features like trust widget, social integration, and SEO results. This app has hundreds of reviews.


Personally, it is a conversion marketing tool that helps you get the most out of all your website visitors by collecting contact information, increasing your average order value, and boosting sales with targeted popups.

 The easy-to-use builder makes it easy to create high converting popup menus that give you complete design freedom. With this tool, you can easily edit your website based on visitor activity history, reference source, location information, device, cart value, order history, and more, as well as split your website into variations using an existing one visual editor.

This app helps you consolidate many features in one place, including pop-up email, no shopping cart, pop-up end intention, countdown schedule, product sales, and more.


To sell more, you need to maintain business traffic. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) can help. One of the best SEO management solutions is the SEO manager tool. Easy to install, easy to use, and excellent customer support.

 The tool has 20 features including a title and description editor, keyword suggestions, advanced meta settings, Google mobile testing, and more.


Bulk Product Editing is created by Hextom and is a great tool if you want to easily edit various aspects of many products. Product validation can be very painful, so bulk product editing is a great tool.

 You can edit product prices and prices, inventory, titles, tags, and more. You can specify which products to edit by collection, product type, vendor, keyword, tag, and title. What’s more, you can now schedule batch edits for this product to be done later. This is ideal if you change prices in the future or update regularly.

Epic Product Descriptions

Did you know that a product description can help you with your purchase? Well-written descriptions are prepared by professional sellers of goods. And like bad sellers, incorrect product descriptions distract visitors.

 Epic Product Descriptions have a network of 300 copywriters who create unique descriptions that one can convert in 72 hours. Choose one of the basic, SEO, and selling options and leave an additional description. Descriptions are written exactly as needed.

 One click will update your store instantly No manual import and update of product descriptions, no formal copywriter sales investigation, copywriter verification, or copies of vendor descriptions. This is an application that will help you save time and money.


Another essential shipping app from Shopify is AfterShip, which lets you track all of your shipments in one place. This means that the buyer has all the information they need to deliver. AfterShip makes it easy to create a tracking page for every shipment. Also, This page can be customized by adding your store URL, brand logo, an Instagram photo.

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