Top 5+ Best Software Submission Websites

Are you a software developer or have any interest in designing software? Have you recently designed any new software but little curious to know how will it work in a real environment? Let’s fulfill your curiosity and check your software in a real environment. Now you must be wondering how is it possible. So for this let me introduce you to some best “Software Submission Websites” which will help you to test your software live.

Top Best Software Submission Websites

The following are some of the best websites in which you can submit your software and check it in a live environment.

Windows 10 Compatible

Windows 10 Compatible is one of the best software submission websites. It has a simple interface. On this website, you can easily submit your software. 

Steps to work on this website are as follows:-

  1. Go to the website and scroll the page to the bottom. 
  2. Navigate to Submit Software. 
  3. You will get to the page wherein you will get this command, “To submit a program add in the field below the URL of your PAD file and click on Submit PAD.” 
  4. Follow it and it is done!

Download 3K

Download 3K provides a developer to submit a software for free. In this, you can add, update, or delete a program developed by you from the platform. The website is compatible with all the platforms be it Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. It is not difficult to submit your application on the website if you follow guidelines properly. You don’t have to change the pad URL name, every time you release a new version, just updating will do.

Freeware Files

This is one of the best software submission websites as it is easy to use the website. To submit a software, all you need to do is sign up if you are a new user or sign in if an existing user. Once you sign in or sign up, you will get a new screen, with options like User Information, View/Edit Programs, Add New Program, and Logout. Choose whatever task you want to perform. Once you choose what you need, follow the on-screen instructions to submit a software.


One of the best mediums to submit software for free, Softwaresea gives a platform to software publishers and software developers to promote their software. To submit a software, all you need to do is click on the Submit button from the homepage. You will be directed to a page, wherein you need to fill in the details along with the URL of your PAD file.

Tucows Download

Tucows Download is one of the best software submission websites for free as it is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  To submit software on the website, Move down the home page, and from the bottom of the screen, click Submit Software. You will be redirected to a page, log in, or sign up and begin the process. You can add new software and update the software whenever a new version is released.


One another website, CNET helps you to submit your software for free. You can add software to formats such as iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android on the website. To submit a software, you need to click on Add Your Software. Now login or sign up to your account. Follow the on-screen instructions and add your software to the platform with ease.


Softwarevilla is one of the best websites for software submission because it not only allows you to upload/download software For Windows, Mac, and Linux but also enables you to upload/download web apps. You need to create a publisher account and then upload your software.


If you are worried that how will the software works that you have designed then stop worrying and read this. Above in this blog, I have provided you some of the best free software submission websites with the help of which you can check the live results of the software. The best fact about these websites is that you can modify your software even after uploading it.

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