Top Ten Latest Technologies in 2020 that you need to learn


Technology will have a large say in how we humans build our future far more than it ever had. It will always come handy to learn about the latest technologies impacting our lives. These are the top ten latest technologies in 2020 that people can learn and hence contribute to the creation of the future.

The 20th century is seeing bloom in technological advancements with new technologies arriving with every passing day. We communicated with landlines just ten years ago, and now I am confused which one phone to purchase in 2020. The jobs worldwide are changing according to technological advancements, and it’s always handy to learn more about them. In this article, we are listing down some of the trending technologies that impact our lives and are going to create our futures.

Latest Technology Trends

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the uprising latest technologies that a lot of sci-fi movies has showcased already. It is the intelligence that human makes and machine executes. AI allows devices to rationalize and take actions to achieve specific goals. Artificial intelligence is a booming technology that is getting smarter and better. The objectives of AI are to get closer to human intelligence through reasoning, learning, and perceiving. Artificial Intelligence has applications in security, autonomous flying, agriculture, manufacturing, autonomous and self-driving vehicles, warehouses, medical and healthcare, sports analytics, and a lot of others.

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 Machine learning

Machine Learning is a type of Artificial Intelligence, and it equips a machine to learn from the data. It is the latest technology by which we get the computers to act without programming in a detailed manner for every action. It provides devices with the ability to learn automatically from experience and data. Self-driving cars, effective web searches, and practical speech recognition are examples of speech learning. Machine learning is so common and widespread nowadays that people use it dozens of times daily without even knowing. Top category gadgets like virtual personal assistants like Google Now, Alexa, and Siri uses the vast machine learning, for predictions while commuting like in GPS systems for video surveillance without the need of a person for social media services like personalizing your News Feed, etc.

Automation of robotic processes or RPA

Robotic process automation sometimes referred to as software robotics, is another latest technology in this list, allowing almost everyone to configure software for computers. One can apply RPA for automating order based transactional tasks that use structured data, and clear predefined rules and parameters. It helps to design solutions, test them, and implement them quickly. Robotic process automation is used for retail, banking, insurance, human resources, etc.


Cybersecurity is protecting servers, networks, data, and devices from malicious attacks or damages. It includes information security, operational security, disaster recovery, business continuity, and other functions. With the scale of cyber threat increasing every year, it has become essential to have protection from cyber-crimes. There can be further five divisions, these are critical infrastructure security, application security, network security, Cloud security, and ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) security.

Internet of things (IoT)

Oxford dictionary defines the Internet of things as “the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.” Smart home security systems, wearable health monitors, thermostats, wireless inventory trackers, alarm clocks, speaker systems, bio-metric cybersecurity scanners, vending machines are some examples of the objects that can fall into the scope of the Internet of things.

Data Science

Data Science is the science of using raw data to extract information and actionable insights. It facilitates better predictive analysis, decision making, and pattern discovery and allows the data scientists to perform exploratory research on the data, and communicate data using dashboards, graphs, and other convenient means. It also helps in finding the causes of problems. Data Science is used in manufacturing, transportation, banking, e-commerce, education, and many other industries.


Blockchain is a structure that captures information in such a way that it saves the system from all kinds of attacks, cheats, and hacks. Some of the potential uses for this latest technology are payment processing and money transfers, monitoring supply chains, digital IDs, copyright and royalty protections, managing Internet of Things networks, and many more.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the technology based closest near-reality experience. It is an artificially generated visual environment that a user can interact with and experience close to the real world. It doubles up the entertainment switching us into an immersive world . Architecture, Sports and art also uses it for 3D visualizations . Virtual reality provides a solution for dangerous, expensive, or impractical actions in the real world. It includes everything from training fighter pilots for flying under hazardous circumstances to training doctors for surgeries. Developed in the middle 19th century, it is becoming cheaper and global with passing days.

 Edge Computing

Edge computing allows data from the IoT to be analyzed on the verge of the network before it is sent to the cloud or a data center. It was developed to support the exponential growth of the IoT devices, which generated an enormous amount of data while receiving or delivering data with the cloud by connecting to the Internet.

Intelligent apps

Intelligent apps use data from users to make smart suggestions and predictions. It collects real-time data and adapts to the user for better results. An algorithm powered by AI to analyze real-time and historical data helps intelligent applications engage in continuous improvement and facilitate critical user decisions. Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Netflix, Seeing AI, and Elsa are typical examples of intelligent apps.


Technology is touching every area of people’s lives. The youth can either become a part of this technological revolution by learning the skills required to create these latest technologies or keep them updated to live better lives. The above mentioned are some of the technologies that will have a larger impact on the coming future even more than they have in the present. These are some of the latest technologies that you need to learn in 2020.

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