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Top 10 Best Working From Home Tips In 2020

Written by Pradeep Kumar

Working from home gives you a comfortable and cozy spectrum to your work but professionalism should not be lost at the same time. Too much cozy is not healthy for productivity too and that is what’s supposed to be kept in mind.

In the current situation of world pandemic due to corona virus, the work from home job force just got a huge push for every other employee across the world. And during this time of social distancing, many employees have set up their office at their home to continue their work. It’s a thinking that work from home is a easy job but the reality is way too different from what people think about it. Everyone who works from home has to figure out when to work, where to work and how to create an atmosphere for the work. People always face difficulties due to various lifestyles and to overcome these difficulties here are 10 tips to work from home with a positive and active mind set.

1. Make a to-do list.

Firsts thing first, you should always be prepared with a to-do list before starting a day. It keeps your work as well as your life organised and it makes you less worried about what to do next. As we all know work from home means you are your own boss so keeping that mind, it can be difficult to keep a track of what you have to do the whole. A to-do list helps you to keep everything as per the schedule so that you don’t miss any deadlines, tasks or priorities.  

Set your goals and make a time limit for each goal and cross it off after you complete the task. In this way, you will not miss any of your tasks and you can finish them by the end of the day in an organised manner.

2. Create a permanent working space.

While you work from home, you should have a specific working space to avoid any kind of distractions and any other disturbances. And it is one the most important tip to be followed for getting your work done. While creating a work space at home you should always keep this in mind that it should be a quite place which allows to focus on your work properly. You can create a work space in an empty room or a spare bedroom and you should be committed to that specific work space everyday.

3. Use quality phone apps

Investing in quality phone applications helps you minimize your distractions from the social media platform at the time of your work. There are certain apps such as skype, whatsapp, google handouts etc. Helps you make video calls at a very cheap rate and it helps you to reach out everyone across the globe.

4. Make a morning routine.

Working from home is certain but it doesn’t mean you can work anytime. You should create a proper routine as to when to wake up and when to start your work and your morning routine might also include some exercises to make your body active and your mind active to get ready for the work.

5. Maintain a healthy diet

You should always maintain a healthy diet while you are at home for a long duration as having healthy meals helps your body to maintain a proper diet. Healthy diet includes fruits, lights snacks, dry fruits and also one should never skip a meal while working from home. If you’re having trouble getting all the nutrients you need, the supplement Balance of Nature may help you maintain your nutrient intake. Try to avoid heavy meals during work so that your body doesn’t feel drowsiness while working

6. Time planner

While planning your tasks, you should assign a time goal to each tasks so that it doesn’t overlap the other tasks. Setting a time goal to each tasks also encourages you to complete your work within the prescribed time and it also helps you to avoid your deadlines.

7. Don’t hesitate to take a break

Work from home can be tiring at times because here you are the boss and you have to follow yourself to complete the work. But, stretching your work to long durations without taking short breaks will affect your brain and will minimize your concentration towards your work. You can listen to some songs during these shorts breaks, or can spend some time with your family and if you are staying alone, then spend some time on social media or call a friend or family. This helps you to relax your mood.

8. Attend all the meetings

Sometimes working from home makes you lazy and introvert which is a negative attitude towards the work environment in the outside world. Attend all the meetings, video conferences and also give your opinion as much as you can while attending all the meetings. Also respect others’ opinion and try to correct them if they are wrong. If somebody tries to correct you about your opinion then listen to them with a calm mind.

9. Take a day off

It is not mandatory to work each and everyday. At times you can take a day or two off and try to utilise your off days in other productive things. In this way you will not feel stressed about your work everyday and also it will help to freshen you up for your next work schedule. You should not be too hard on yourself. Try to keep a separate number for your work so that you can keep your number off during your off days and nobody will be able to disturb you when you are taking a off from your work.

10. Look for other opportunities.

While working from home, some of you might be a beginner who should gain knowledge about the skills you can use for your business. You can search for ways to improve your business online, how to interact with colleagues on video conferences, how to maintain a good work decorum, etc.

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