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About financial planning, the companies should be aware of all the expenses of the employers. The expense management software is of great help for the companies.

When it gets difficult to track the expenses made by the employers, the companies end up overpaying the expenses.

 These issues arise when there is unavailability of the expense management software. Also, due to lack of systematic expense management software, the frustration rises up among the employers.

Why you should use expense management software?

The businesses require the software because the ordinary excel sheet cannot manage such or keep a track or such expenses. Because expenses incurred by the employees is a difficult task to manage.

These are the top 7 most popular expense management software which you can use to keep a record of your financial transactions. The followings software is free and open to everybody who wants to use this software. Also, this software is very easy to use. All of the software includes variety of features which helps you to make your work easier.

You can easily download this software and can go through all the features which are beneficial for your financial matters. The following expense management software provides you with the clear records of all your financial matters.

The top 7 expense management software :

1. Invoice Ninja

This expense management software is one of the top most used expense software. It is free and open management software. This software helps you in storing as well managing all your incomes, expenses, details about clients and vendor in one system.

With just one click, you manage all your financial matters by supporting multiple currencies. Along with this, it can help you to get a complete overview of your business.

The invoice Ninja expense software helps you to generate a profits and loss report. It also allows you to send invoices to your clients. This software also helps you to export expenses and vendors.

2. Homebank

If you are searching for software to manage your personal financial matter then homebank is the best expense management software. Through this software you can manage your personal finance, expenses and budget. This software is one of the free and open software. It is very easy to use which includes powerful filtering tools. You can view your data in a systematic yet in the form of beautiful charts. 

The homebank  software gets you a quick glimpse of your transactions and reimbursements.

You can use this software on your windows as well as on your Mac OS X. This software helps you to detect the duplicate transactions

3. Firefly III

The firefly III expense management software is one of the self-hosted management software. You can keep a record of your expenses, budget and income with the help of this software. It is one of the software which supports different bank accounts.

With the help of this software, you can save your money. It helps you to organize transactions using tags and categories. Also, this expense management software includes easy navigations.

It helps you to manage and view income and expense reports. This software provides you with a clear visibility of your expenses.

4. Tems

The tems expense management software is one of the straight forward software. This software is very helpful for you to deal with your small business. Also, if you are a freelancer, then this is the best software to manage your expenses and invoicing.

This software is a free and open source which is used by lawyers, accountants, consulting companies, etc.

It helps you to generate expenses reports instantly. Also, it helps you calculate the mileage automatically. This expense management software helps you to create a preview of the invoices.

5. Skrooge

Skrooge is one of those expense management software which deals with your personal expenses. This is considered to be one of the most powerful software. Skrooge has the powerful method which helps you track, submit and analyze your expenses.

This software helps you to import files from other spreadsheets, bank’s websites and other software. It has simple rule which helps you in managing budget.

The skrooge management software helps you to schedule operations. It also allow to add up all the properties required such as accounts categories, transactions, etc.

6. kMymoney

This software is the most simple yet the most powerful software which helps you to manage your personal financial matters. It is very easy to use. The kMymoney management software includes all the features which help you to manage your personal expenses.

This software ensures that your finances are streamlined by using double-entry accounting principles.  It also helps you to keep a track of the timing. This expense management software also supports multiple currencies.  

The kMymoney software also has the ability manage automated reimbursements which can be helpful for you.

7. Money manager Ex

This software is free to download. You can use this software for your personal financial matters. Also, it is very easy to use. The money manager Ex comes with variety of features which you need in a management software.

It is one of the most user-friendly and simple management software. This software helps you to keep a track of all the transactions. You can also keep a record of your incomes, budgets and also expenses through this software.

The money manager Ex software helps you to manage your saving accounts as well. It allows you in importing data from any CSV format and QIF.


For overcoming these issues, the companies must gain knowledge about the expense management software. It is a onetime solution that is used by businesses. This helps the businesses to manage business calls, meals, lodging, travel costs, shipping of documents, shipping of work-related items, etc. The expense management software is different from spent management.

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