incredible things you can do with React.js

Top 10 incredible things you can do with React.js

If you want to speed up the pace of your development then choosing a built-in ready React.js component can save your life. Today, using React.js has many advantages that can ensure the top quality and improve your UX level. This is why in this post, we will talk about the top useful component that you can use for React.js in 2020.

Carousel | React Awesome Slider

React an awesome new carousel is one of the best sliders. It provides a smooth and pretty transition between your pictures. The best advantage of the React awesome slider is the compatibility with the majority of the browsers today. In fact, the carousel does not take a lot of time to load and you can easily inject it in your component.

 Spreadsheet | React Data Grid

With React.js, you are not supposed to develop everything from scratch. In fact, you can find the React data-grid already developed and ready to use. It can be very useful when we talk about displaying your data in an excel format.

It has all the functionalities already built int. Features like a copy, paste, keyboard command, etc. are all built-in.  Actually, such a component offers a steady API that ready to serve your needs in your project. The harmony of colors can make the viewers very satisfied. Moreover, the grid can enhance the credibility of your app due to the effectiveness of design too.

Notifications | CogoToast

Working with notifications is a real must today. React.js brings a ready notification component for you. CogoToast is one of the most flexible components that can meet your needs. It represents a really tiny package that holds its own API. You can easily implement it using great UI design too. In fact, we can find many other components dedicated to notifications. However, CogoToast is the top-rated one in the field in 2020. Using notification has never been as easy as today thanks to the CogoToast.

Map | Google Maps React

Google Maps React is a very know component dedicated to implementing google maps in your projects. It is super easy to place and you can manipulate the component the way you want of your projects. You have massive flexibility to customize the component. Now, you can implement your map in simple easy steps.

Tooltip | React Tooltip

If you are in need of tooltip then React tooltip is here for you. It would be perfect to adopt such a component if you want to work with things like custom events, live updates, and delays too. The component is much optimized and you can simply customize it too.

Loaders/Blockers | React Block UI

React Block UI can handle the best component for developing the disabling UI during the loading process. This is a great tool to use in order to prevent wasting time on developing it from zero.

Payment Details Form | React Credit Cards

No matter what kind of project you are working on, the payment detail form will optimize your hard work when it comes to billing. It is super easy to use and very flexible to fit with your DOM too. The new recent credit card can even show the company or the bank which belongs to the number retired in the textbox.  The payment component was always a problem for developers since they get confused about the design that they must choose. With a React credit card, the nightmare vanishes.

Render Markdown | React Markdown

“ReactMarkdown” stands as a great solution for rendering your HTML DOM and all your markdowns. It is very tiny and does not take much space. You can easily inject it into your project and start rendering your markups easily.

Color Picker | Coloreact

In fact, a lot of libraries des does not offer their specific color pickers. This is why colorectal is here in order to hand the best and the exact color you need for your project. You will easily find the harmony of colors that you are seeking due to the React color picker. There is a real science of color behind the beautifulness of UI. The color picker can make it easy for you to choose the adequate combination of colors for your next React.js app.

Calendar | React Big Calendar

If you need a professional calendar in your work then the React Big Calendar is a great choice for you. The calendar component has great resource scheduling, custom time, resource scheduling, and many other features. They often work with drag and drop systems which can make it perfect for optimizing your time and efforts. 

 Building your own library

If you want to build your own library to work with using React.js, then you have to try the famous “”. It has a unique power to isolate the component from each other. They can share them like a collection of modular units. Like that, you can easily maintain them and find out any anomalies that do not make your future library operating.


Rebass is a very tiny component library dedicated to UI. You can easily create your own UI elements based on the revolutionary new styled system library. Rebase can help a lot in respecting the user experience of your UI elements. This is a major pillar to satisfy your client’s goals. The following features are among the top in Rebass. 

  • The library is a great way to start developing your component. You do not have to write much of code in order to export your first UI component too. This is like a component factory where you decide what you want and they make it for you.
  • The library is based on the famous Styled System props. This is why you will be surprised by the developer experience or what we call DX. You will feel the easiness of work with such a library.
  • Once you get used to the syntax and the mechanism of the library, you will all acknowledge making themes. In addition to that, you will be able to customize any kind of application. You can even develop the extensibility which the clients want in their apps. The themes of the app are completely flexible and do fit with Theme UI. Actually, the app provides the best theme for your future React.js apps.
  • It is very friendly with a mobile app and has the best design philosophy implementation for mobile apps.
  • You can have the best Flexbox layout with the component of BOX and flex. You can after that extend based on your use case.
  • The library is very tiny and does not take a lot of space. You can get for 4KB of storage. However, it can handle the best reactive features for your future apps.
  • The library has more than 6K stars on the famous developer’s platform Github. In addition to that, it has more than 25K downloads each week via NPM. This is a real boost of credibility for the library.

In the end, we can confirm that the library is gaining a huge amount of popularity in the row of React.js developers. Using it can save a huge amount of time today. To sum up, we can say that using one of the previous components can ensure the best UX for your end-user and you can ultimately make your client more than satisfied.

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