Top 10+ Best GitHub Alternatives

GitHub Alternatives

GitHub is one of the finest online global platforms which hosts software projects for controlling the version. It is secure since it uses Gits. Apart from being one of the finest online platforms, it is also a renowned development platform. GitHub is best suited for online projects. Git is used for storing the source code for a project. It also helps in effective tracking which helps the developers to collaborate on a project with more accuracy and preciseness.

With the help of Git, developers can adapt or restructure their old software. It is not that difficult to improve the software from its public repositories. It also helps in supporting integrated development environments.

Best GitHub Alternatives:

Let us jump into the bucket of GitHub Alternatives: –

1. GitLab

GitLab is a renowned open-source application. The application is used worldwide for its robust and advantageous features. Through the usage of GitLab, you can keep your information secure as well as confidential.

A newbie can painlessly use it as an alternative for GitHub. With the help of the aforesaid alternative, we can easily handle the software development processes. It is extremely compatible with time tracking, issue trackers, group issues, and so on.

The templates provided by Gitlab are par excellence. Companies like Microsoft, IBM, and so on use Gitlab because of it’s interesting and distinguishing features.


  • It enhances security vulnerability alerts.
  • It makes security advisories efficient.
  • The team synchronization process becomes much easier.

2. Bitbucket

Bitbucket is one of the most extensively powerful as well as scalable GitHub Alternatives. Teams looking for simple steps with third-party integrations can find great use of it. The users can easily import the repositories. It’s features like code search, pull requests, smart mirroring, and so on make it more remarkable and inviting.

In recent years, Bitbucket has become a need for all game developers. Bitbucket is used by many companies like Alibaba, BBC Worldwide, Avast, and many more.


  • It provides free as well as an unlimited number of repositories to its users.
  • A newbie can painlessly build quality software using Bitbucket.
  • The workflow can be kept confidential.

3. Beanstalk

Beanstalk is always preferred by its users because of its extreme reliability. A newbie can easily manage the source code repositories. With the help of it, users can easily manage the workflow development.

Security gets ensured because of branch-level permissions as well as account security authentications. Companies like Philips, Intel make use of Beanstalk.


  • SVN hosting is quietly appreciable.
  • The users can accurately deploy the code.
  • You get the opportunity to customize the deployments for each environment.

4. Launchpad

Launchpad is a fully free platform that offers extravagant features to its users. It contains inbuilt templates that are necessary for building and collaborating on software projects. Several million dollars making companies have hosted their software projects on Launchpad.

5. Sourceforge

It is another renowned free source open software that is immensely helpful for uplifting the open-source projects. Its tools are meant for integration and project documentation. It is very much compatible with forums and blogs. Apache and FileZilla have hosted numerous projects on Sourceforge.


  • The mirror network is popular worldwide.
  • Issue tracking system is properly integrated.
  • Statistics can be downloaded by platform, or by region.
  • It is so designed to effectively support forums and blogs.

6. Phabricator

Phabricator is one of the finest alternatives to GitHub. The code-hosting platform offers you exciting features with the help of which you can self-host on your WPS.  The feature set sets it apart from its competitors.


  • Because of being an open-source project, one can easily install it.
  • The support system is exceptionally good.
  • It provides a platform where one can host for automatic updates.

7. Gitbucket

It is also an open-source platform that acts as an alternative to GitHub and runs smoothly on JVM. It comprises features like repository viewer, issues tracker and so on.


  • It contains an easy to use repository viewer.
  • Pull request feature attracts a lot of users.
  • The issue tracker option makes the work easier and comfortable.
  • In order to extend the core features, you can use the plugin system.

8. Apache Allura

Apache Allura is the most renowned alternative to GitHub. This is because of the features which make the pluggable project hosting platform handier and more convenient to use. It provides a set of tools which helps the people to collaborate on software projects.


By using it, an individual can manage multiple projects.

  • The source code management features are beyond amazing.
  • It helps in managing the documentation process conveniently.
  • Best suited for the bug tracking system.

9. Buddy

It is one of the finest tools for web developers which was intensively designed to lower the problems faced by the users. It has a set of delivery pipelines through which one can painlessly test and deploy software.


  • It is available with an easy configuration. 
  • The deployments are very fast.
  • Supports all the official as well as the unofficial languages.
  • Easy to integrate with Shopify, Azure, and so on.
  • It is available with parallelism options.

10. Gogs

It is another important alternative to GitHub services. Through Gogs, you can easily set up self-hosted git services.


  • It is universal and can run anywhere.
  • The performance level is amazing and exceptionally amazing.
  • It doesn’t have a list of prerequisites that you must fulfill before using it.

11. RhodeCode

It is popular as well as a secure tool for managing the source code efficiently. Its premium plans offer distinguishing and unique features. It is a complete and useful alternative to GitHub.


  • Through using RhodeCode, you can painlessly conduct code reviews
  •  It ensures faster workflow interaction
  • The management of software assets is much easier


These were some of the top-rated GitHub Alternatives. Some of the above-stated alternatives are available for free. Therefore, it will help you in saving time as well as money.

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