Top 10 best PHP Frameworks Mostly used for web development

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PHP stands for the Hyper Preprocessor. It is a server side programming language. In fact, with PHP you can turn your website into a dynamic project where you can interact with databases and manage the servers in which your data is stored. Actually, using PHP is very common. This is thanks to many advantages. The license of PHP is ultimately free. As a result, you will have a very cheap project with very high standards when it comes to effectiveness, speed, security, and user experience.


Today, experts are working with the PHP frameworks instead of developing with PHP core. Like that, they can optimize a huge amount of time, energy, and money too. In the next post, we will mention the top 10 PHP frameworks in the market today.

best PHP Frameworks Mostly used for web development

List of Top 10 PHP frameworks


PHP Laravel is one of the high demanded PHP framework today. It comes with smooth syntax and very expressive tools to use. With laravel, you will get rid of whole the painful development tasks that you use to develop manually with core PHP. Moreover, if you want to learn Laravel, the community is very large and you can find from a long list of courses in the internet. In other words, laravel can handle crud operations security, authentication, and more without any single line of code from you. If you are working on a Laravel project then you will get rid of many repetitive tasks in your development period.


Symfony is an open-source framework built-in PHP too. It uses the model view controller architecture.  It has built-in complex web algorithms that handle us the best performance in our future projects.

The basic idea of sympfony stands on enjoying the development. You will top spending time in some basic stuff. Symfony brings all the needed tools with the framework you do not need to make it from scratch. The caching is also over the top, your app will be speedy and you will never be obliged to manage the caching on your own. In addition to that, the symphony MVC can separate each task on its own. This fact can make future apps super-fast when it comes to user experience too.

In addition to that, symphony relies on doctrine too. This is a sturdy ORM used by PHP too. However, you can use native queries in order to interact with datasets too.

Zend Framework

Zend Framework is a great choice for developing web apps. It works with PHP 5.6 and more. It handles a hundred percent OOP code. You have to have basic understating when it comes to oriented programming. The framework works with the composer which handles the management of all the dependency injection. You can use PHPUnit in order to handle unit tests for your end web app.


PHP CodeIgniter is an MVC based framework for making web apps easily. It stands as one of the best PHP frameworks today. It has super enticing libraries that handle the developer the tools to connect with database and develop a verity of functions like uploading files, operations related to mailing, social media implementing, and session management too…

The code source of Codeigniter is very small. It is a super-easy way to deploy and update. Even for unit testing, the framework is super simple and you can detect fails easily.

You can your web app easily with the framework. You do not have to wait for form modules to get loaded. The framework is very handy and can make your time loading much optimized. Another pillar in which Codeigniter ensue is loosely coupled. You will be able to develop an independent component that can be maintained and upgraded very easily.


Actually, CakePHP is an open-source PHP for developing web applications in a very fast way. It will help you to minimize the needed stuff to make a web app from scratch. It is the best PHP framework for beginners too. The learning curve of such framework is super handy and the documentation is everywhere.

The developer needs to respect some conventions in order to meet the rules of the framework. Especially when it comes to the relational database and the migration of key names. The framework makes the development process faster, maintainable, and easy to test too.


Actually fuel PHP is an open-source web application framework too. It is based I PHP 5.3 and relies on model view controller architecture too. It allows the request and the sub request to the controller which can make the return for such partial pages possible. It’s like loading of only a part of the page and not the entire page, this is the same system as AJAX.

FuelPHP created the framework in order to cooperate with third parties like Koahana and Codeigniter too. The database migration is done using the scaffolding functionalities same as in the giant ruby on rails.

Yii 2

Yii is also an open-source framework used in order to develop web apps. It relies on the OOP paradigm. It is based on the PHP core too. In fact, Yii is a PHP MVC framework.

One of the best features of the Yii is the automation of CRUD operations. In other words, they can be generated automatically by the tool called Gii. This is a web-based interface that can generate a common typical block of code. In addition to that, Yii is best for the web apps dedicated to payment transactions and banks since the security is a real priority established by the founders. Yii is ranked among the top PHP frameworks in the last five years.


PHP Phalcon is a framework dedicated to web development too. You can build whatever you want for enterprise solutions. We are talking here about API, web services, and RESTful systems too. It is written in C and has tremendous attention to your memory management and data leaks.

The framework does not establish long operations on PHP. On the other hand, it loads once time on your am once you run the server and use some resources. Phalcon can handle the developers a great ORM, dependency injections, and many other advantages like caching and routing too.


Slim is another open-source framework based on PHP too. It is very small and easily enumerable too. It has a super control over the route matching, dependency injection, and the best support for middleware pipeline.

The routes were very painful in the core PHP. In slim you have a single front controller that can handle all the routes for your apps. You can change their patterns and customize them the way you want too.


PHPixie is an open source framework that provides the best flexibility for developers. It is super easy to learn and handle great default components that can make your quality of code fascinating. The framework is entirely useful for all the ranges of developers. Whether for the beginner it can be a real jump to shape their skills. It has great handling for database migration too. It also comes with steady management for security and routing too.

The PHPixie was designed to make the code reusable. The framework also manages loose coupling. It also relies on many steady design patterns like scope and singleton.


To sum up, we can confirm that the whole of the previous frameworks has a great and very popular community that can help you with your bugs and problems. However, choosing o of the previous PHP framework depends on the projects and sometimes on the client’s needs.

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