AWS or Firebase for Your Mobile Backend?

Aws or Firebase for Your Mobile Backend


The world is moving at an ultra-fast pace to serve the increasing demand for tech-savvy customers. For Instance, we had net banking access only through Desktop a few years ago, but now we have mobile banking which serves almost equally.

Somewhere between 2013 and 2014, Mobile internet users crossed the count of total desktop internet users. At that point, the technical took a rough idea about how the next few years were about to explode with mobile internet users. Many firms started mobile application development but the primary need was there for a serverless architecture. We will talk in brief in a moment what is serverless architecture?

To boost the existing Amazon AWS and its younger brother Firebase from Google, the respective company worked hard. The results are how fluently we navigate into an app, seeks social media integration, and cloud storage(AWS or Firebase). We now have the most secure data management.

What is serverless architecture?

The traditional server comprises a single server with deals with a variety of responsibilities within the base. The server executes some process when a request goes on and a response is provided. Here the server can be responsible for several different processes to carry along such as authentication, tracking users, reading, and writing files. Such a huge load makes it a traditional

 hectic model. However, if we go with modern serverless architecture, it’s microservice architecture. Every event results in code execution. The server runs only when a request is made. It’s not persistent running 24 x 7.

The benefit of this model is each function’s responsibility doesn’t overlap and things happen clean and less finicky.

Pros and Cons Of AWS

AWS for mobile app development is an all-in-one solution. It has so many different services stacked efficiently. AWS Lambda’s performance is also up to the mark. All of the cloud solutions are easy to set up and beginner-friendly. Being the service provided by one of the big 4, customer support is the best along with a very reliable service.

The per pay charging method makes sure you pay to depend on the types of traffic you receive. If you don’t want a bump, going with AWS mobile app architecture is a great choice.

AWS benefits:

There are some benefits derived by developers, using AWS amplify backend as service, given below

  • AWS amplify is a cloud-based backend service which allows developers to access an easy to use platform that speeds up the development of web and mobile.
  • AWS amplify has an easy path, that makes sure that developers can scale their apps without having any thought of upgrading server infrastructure.
  • Amplify comes up with a flexible payment plan which ensures that developers will pay only for the service they use.
  • AppSync and AWS lambda reduce the stress of managing computing resources during peak periods for developers.
  • it provides the feature such as AR/VR, text and voice interfaces, and 3D sections for present users to application development with a modern interface.
  • for management and deployment of backend services, it provides robust support to the system.
  • Without paying an excessive amount of fees, it provides a real experience from its developed application.
  • AWS Amplify brings smoothness to the procedure of app testing and feature rollout.

Aws Cons

  • Billing Can be Confusing: AWS billing is kind of complicated.
  • Amazon’s EC2 Limits: the resource given by AWS may change depending on your region. In addition to that, AWS may prevent new users from some resources too.
  • You may face plenty of Cloud Computing Problems: you may e the victim of data leaks, data protection fails, or even privacy issues violation while you migrate to the cloud computing technology.
  • Actually, all the services are located in different networks. In other words, if you call from one service to another then you are calling from one network to another. Moreover, some services are not even in the same zone.
  • You will also have some limitations in AWS Lambda.
  • You cannot configure the processors and the bandwidth. If you want to increase them you have to boost your VM too.
  • You may be obliged to pay some technical support fees.

Pros and Cons of Firebase

Though ana younger brother, Google’s Firebase is a little more advanced in technology. For instance, you can consider the unique service that it provides from image, text to voice APIs, etc. 

Google’s Firebase for a mobile app is highly productive and scalable at the same time. The traffic management service is also offered within their suit.

Google’s firebase is most helpful for startups. If you are a small team on a low budget, Firebase is made for you. Due to its advancement, firebase can even serve better than AWS if we talk about some services in particular. It has a lower learning curve than AWS, an added benefit.

Firebase Benefits:

Listed below are some benefits of using Firebase mobile app architecture

  • It is very time efficient as it doesn’t need any type of backend coding. So, by saving their time developers can concentrate on creating the best functions.
  • The firebase has a good backend solution.
  • Multiple innovative features add standards to the apps which makes it more appealing for the developers.
  • By giving access to a robust SDK and APIs it makes the development process more trouble-free.
  • It’s easy to manage feature helps in having a broad overview of app performance.
  • The development of cross-platform apps is made easier by powerful API.

The given features will bring efficiency to app development projects. Other media like AWS are fairly worthy though. But, our review of Firebase vs. AWS would undoubtedly let you choose the best for your projects

On the contrary, if we get to the drawbacks, firebase is not comfortable in querying larger datasets. Relational data is absent in their database that can spell trouble for new firms.

Firebase Cons:

  • The user experience of firebase is terrible. Developers always offer from the poor experience of their interface. The users confirm that the firebase interface is too inferior to the google analytics one.
  • Developers often find a lot of restrictions when it comes to the number of events dedicated to tracking app interactions. Actually, the restrictions occur with the parameters liked to events too.
  • Another downside of Firebase is poor customer service. Their scope is very limited and people always suffer from the lack of support.
  • Firebase Analytics is totally paid. If you are working on a significant project than you have to pay. On the contrary, google analytics was completely and they were offering a great service.

Main differences between AWS and Firebase?


Firebase will not handle all the settings for you. In other words, the front end developers have to manage the backend on their own. This can make a startup waste a lot of time and energy since the back end can be complicated and time-consuming.

On the other hand, Firebase handles great tools that help you with complexity due to the powerful SDK. This can save you a huge amount of effort, money, and time. The Firebase steady SDK can be very helpful in real-time applications.


Since AWS offers ten times the services Firebase offers, it gets ten times more complex to use and maintain as well. All I am trying to say is that there is a bit of a learning curve to AWS as compared to Firebase.

AWS imposes a very long learning curve. It is more complex than Firebase. Actually, you need to learn many technologies from scratch in order to be able to develop your real-time application. We are talking here setting the API in order to be able to wok with the NoSQL database and maintaining the GraphQL API too. It needs a lot of acknowledging to establish the environment and start developing your app using AWS.

Mobile Backend Development with AWS

AWS is a great leader in Mobile app development. They have a simple RESTful back end service for developing your mobile apps. You will be able to make your apps from scratch by thinking about security. This is thanks to many security measures like JWT, JSON WEB TOKEN. Such communication with the API is encrypted and linked with a unique key or token that shapes the retrieving of the JSON data from the API. Actually, AWS has a tremendous mastering for such technical issues and more. In addition to that, you can even experience the hybrid mobile development thanks to an ionic framework, AWS support such technology with steady customer support too.

Mobile Backend Development with Firebase

MBass Firebase is a medium technology that lets you link the mobile app with your backend cloud storage API. Thanks to firebase implementations, you will be able to manage push notifications, user management, user authentification and authorization, social media integration, and many other features.

Which one should you choose?

We are stuck at what to choose, AWS or Firebase. The answer should be according to the situation you have to handle. If your system calls a mature service that has an entire suite with all functionalities and good customer support, you can go with AWS.

If your team itself is not mature enough, that means if you are newcomers, you will need to set up things quickly. Here you can go with Firebase without a doubt.

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