IPS Uni | Guide to the 5 Hottest Trends in Graphic Designing

5 Hottest Trends in Graphic Designing

While driving through roads or walking through a street, you see different colorful billboards, posters, or flyers with flashy fonts saying “Short courses in Lahore”! All of a sudden, we’re seeing various modern language institutes and diploma centers offering training in various modern subjects such as graphic designing, web development, and more. Nevertheless, only a few of these institutes are up to the mark to enable students with a proper qualification in a certain field.

In this article, we will strictly talk about graphic designing short course, as it seemed like a fad. Everyone is so interested in getting its short course certificate and be an imaginative and resourceful person.

On the other hand, the abundance of graphic designing courses in Pakistan if hasn’t done anything has at least contributed to one thing. They have made the worth of graphic designers in the business world. Now, most of our designers are capable of producing eye-catching and attractive designs of a high-quality standard. This is the living proof of how far visual arts have come.

Besides, graphic designing has not remained just a hobby. The stigma with it of being a hobby has been washed away. Now, this field has money and respect, of course.

The success of modern business is shared between the quality of services and the creativeness through which a company shares its vision within the target market. The rise of the graphic designing industry is indebted to this trend.

IPS Unit of Education is up to set an example of equipping young graduates and job seekers with actionable skills. So, they follow their passion and earn money. As you know, we have one of the best professionals in the industry. They teach the latest techniques and guide through thick and thin. To know what courses we offer and how we are growing as a modern language institute.

As you know, the trends keep on changing, but the instructors of short courses focus on training students up to date skills. Same is the case with graphic designing.

The instructors at IPS Uni have come across the following latest trends in the graphic designing world. Some of them may be new, but some of them are coming back to shine in 2019.

Here they are.

1. Animation/Motion

The trend of animation is ruling over the graphic world. The GIFs are another form of it. You see it over social media and even blogs.

Animators make creative and business-related illustrations to reach out to the target market and attract them. It is an interesting way of connecting with the audience and creating brand awareness in a visually pleasing way. This trend is here to stay for a long time.

2. Vintage Designs

Apart from modern designs, business stakeholders like classic designs whose details and refinement make them unique. A handcrafted look is only possible with detailed vintage design. These types of designs are mostly used by food businesses, whose simple yet classic approach gives them a different shade than the competitors.

3. Bold Typography

The bolder the better, it’s the voice of every business. This rule goes, particularly for fonts. The dramatic or bold fonts, the better it catches the eye of potential customers.

The designs with catching typography add an interesting punch to the design and increase engagement level on images or social media posts.

The example of Nike, Adidas, and Puma are in front of us in this regards.

4. Ombré Effect or Duotones

Contrasting colors that are mixed to some extent to create a double toned design refers to duotones. The duotones create a splendid and elegant design. This technique to create such designs is not complicated, and outcomes are utterly simple yet stunning images for business logos, blogs, or social media posts.

5. Authentic Images

Real images have their beauty. Connecting with a brand becomes easier when there is realness to it. Graphic designers only have to put filters or contrast or add finesse to the details of authentic photos, and the story or message behind the image is conveyed as it is.

Broadly speaking, someone who has expertise in graphic designing in the light of above-mentioned areas can attract promising job opportunities for himself. At IPS Uni (Unit of Education) we teach almost all the basic to core aspects of graphic designing so that, the professional graphic designers make use of the trends they seem fit for different projects.

If you also want to sharpen your skills in Adobe Photoshop and other visual arts skills, get enrolled in a graphic designing course as offered by IPS Unit of Education.

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