7 Ways to Break Your Smartphone Addiction

7 ways to break your smartphone addiction

Smartphone addiction – something that we all are aware of. Because guilty as charged. The extent to which today’s generation is addicted to their smartphones is scary. 44% of Americans agree that they cannot do a day without their smartphones I’m one of them as I can’t imagine an hour without my Frontier internet plans. All such services make access to the Internet easy at all times.

Here are some ways by which you can help your loved ones break the smartphone addiction.

Document the Usage

You may find this suggestion a bit weird but this is a tested strategy. When asked to document whatever they ate in a day, people lost more weight, according to a study. Implying the same strategy here, it is a good idea that you keep a record of your daily usage of the smartphone.

You do not need to do it manually. If you are an iPhone user, you will get a weekly usage report at the end of every week. There are various apps available on different smartphone operating systems that can help you keep track of your phone activity. Hence, making you more conscious of your excessive use of the smartphone.

Let’s Play

You can limit yourself from using the smartphone more than you should be in a very fun way. Create a game out of it. Give yourself a challenge. You call this gamification. For those who do not know, gamification is applying game like features to non-game activities.

So, here’s how you play this game. Just like you gave yourself a task in childhood that you were to complete in a certain time slot, you assign yourself with the task of not looking at the phone for a certain period.

Undo Notifications

Many people do not unable the notifications on their smartphones. And this causes more harm. Because whenever a person will have a look at his lock screen, he will see a notification or two on the phone. This will instill in him an urge to unlock the phone and have a look at the notification.

And once you open any of the notifications, you won’t be able to keep a track of your smartphone activity as one thing will lead to another. Before you know, you will have spent a major chunk of your time sapping through various apps. Hence, increasing your time spent gazing at the smartphone.

Leave Your Phone Alone

You do not have a duty of carrying your phone wherever you go. It is perfectly normal to leave it behind when you go to the bathroom. Even if you forget your phone at home while you go out for shopping or collecting groceries, you won’t die. Well, the addicts might.

Anyway, the point is that you should let your smartphone inhale some fresh air as well. Holding it in your hands all the time that you are awake suffocates the poor soul. So the next time you go to the kitchen or join your friends for a walk, leave your phone behind.

Airplane Mode

The airplane mode does not just come in handy when you are in the air, it is just as useful at other occasions. For example, getting rid of your smartphone addiction. Whenever you feel as if you are spending way too much time on your smartphone, turn the airplane mode on.

Turning the airplane mode on will let you concentrate on your work as you won’t receive any calls. This will also allow you to look less on your smartphone. Mission=accomplished.

Pillow not Phone

Some people sleep on their phones. This is not at all recommended. What are the pillows for anyway? You should not sleep with your smartphone anywhere near you, let alone beneath you. Make a conscious effort of putting your phone somewhere far away when you go to sleep.

Lock it in your cupboard or leave it in your sibling’s room. Throw it in the trashcan. Sorry for being overdramatic. But yeah, you get my point. DO NOT let your smartphone rest on your side table or under your pillow when you go to sleep. It will only make your addiction worse.

Turn Off the Internet

Another habit that can help you stare less at your smartphone is turning off the Internet at night. Because let’s face it, without the Internet, the smartphone will seem less attractive to the majority. You will do yourself a favor by disconnecting the Internet from your smartphone. Not only will you get a good night’s sleep, but it will also allow you to break free from your smartphone addiction.

If you think that your nights will become boring as a result, resort to cable TV. My Frontier cable TV packages give me enough variety to keep me entertained. Cable TV is preferred over the Internet as you cannot carry your TV everywhere unless it is in your room. So, make an effort and say not to the Internet at night and a TV in your room.

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