The Best Sketching Tips For Beginner Level Illustrators

Best Sketching Tips For Beginner Level Illustrators

The realm of artwork now comprises conventional illustrations, sketches, and digital artwork. Sketching has been around for several decades that it cannot be replicated into its digital equivalent format. It might look simple since there is a lack of color in sketching and to most artists, coloring can become a huge ordeal. But for sketching, you have to make sure it complies with the realistic aspects of the artwork you are portraying in your drawing.

Now that there has been a great demand for an illustration artist for hire across different industries, you should know that the basics of illustration emerged from sketching. If you prove yourself to be a great sketch artist then the same basic tips of artwork and drawing can be applied to graphic design and illustration.

Here are some sketching tips that you can rely on if you are a beginner at sketching.

1. Choose the right of pencils

When it comes to sketching, the right selection of pencils with accurate density and weight matters the most. You would have to shift from lighter tones to darker strokes of sketching therefore; your pencil set should consist of both soft and bold line art strokes. Some you would use for coloring in the line art and some pencils would be solely used to create the structure of the sketch.

2. Do not lose control while drawing

If there is one essential drawing tip every illustrator should know is that the artist needs to have full control over the pencil while sketching. Make sure you do not hold the pencil too tight to darken the line art or not too light to create distorted lines. Try to bring a balance between rigidness and softness in your drawings. It is going to take time to practice and learn how to achieve it but just do not give up on it.

3. Experiment with different sketch forms

Suppose you are drawing a circle and you use the same overused method of drawing a perfect circle and then filling it with lines to showcase it is a sketch. That is not the only method of sketching instead these styles and forms are several. Sketching techniques cannot be learned at once but for beginners, you can try out filling the circle shape by blending in the pencil with your finger or the pencil itself.

4. Do not smudge the line art

Smudging is very common when you happen to be sketching using a pencil or a charcoal pen. There are several ways you can avoid it, wearing a glove is probably the most commonly used one. If you think the stains on your glove can transfer to the canvas then place a white paper on top of the drawing and place your hand on top of it. Begin sketching with your hand being on top of the paper so that the excess of the pencil does not land on your drawing.

5. Try out different types of edges

If you have grown tired of using the same old methods of sketching then maybe it is the time to break the rules and try out something different. Sketching styles are several so one such style that you can try out is sketching by making the edges sharper. Both hard and undefined edges have a unique appeal of their own but you can choose the sharper edges if you have to focus more on a specific aspect of the drawing more.

6. Bring contrast into the symmetry of design

Another sketching that you can try out is by tweaking the symmetry present in the sketch. It is a mistaken belief if you think only symmetrical patterns should exist in an illustration or a sketch as asymmetrical patterns and design elements have a unique appeal of their own, which you can experiment with. Making small changes is almost unnoticeable so you cannot make the entire design asymmetric but add contrast to the artwork or sketch so that it does not look entirely symmetrical.

7. Blending techniques can differ greatly

It is not set in stone for you to blend out different parts of your sketch but blending has its own appeal for adding shade the artwork. However, the usual method of shading is to blend the area with your finger but it can smudge and ruin the actual details of the sketch. You can use a shading tool that will only add shade where you want to in a specific area. The shade blended into the area is going to look smooth, clear and free from any visual imperfection.


Trying out different artwork styles is a great step towards honing and perfecting your art skills but for beginners, it is better to stick to sketching on an initial level and then move towards more advanced and complex forms of illustration and artwork.

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