How To Write A Children’s Book In Five Steps

How To Write A Children’s Book In Five Steps

Everyone can write, but writing a children’s book is not for everyone. The fact is that being a children’s writer; you need to consider a lot of different aspects which can affect the legibility and understanding of the content. For example, kid’s book illustrations are an important aspect which a writer needs to consider before writing the book.

How To Write A Children’s Book In Five Steps

To be a great writer, you need to set a handful of rules to make your way through the competitive market. You need to create a plot and setting to get the book started. Most of all, you need to have the skills to attract the reader’s imagination to make it interesting to be read.

Discussed below are five steps which can help you to become a better writer.

Understand your market and category

Before starting with the book, you need to research the genre you can write in. There are many genres when it comes to writing for children. Not just that, you need to target the readers who are going to read your book. For example, you cannot expect a five-year-old to read a fantasy novel. If your book is not demographic-friendly, it will be rejected as soon as submitted to a literary agent. It is advisable to tailor your book according to the age of the reader. It may include the topic, the length of the story, the writing style and the complexity of the plot.

Creating a memorable character

Who doesn’t remember their favourite character? You can take the example of characters such as Matilda, a famous character of Roehl Dahl famous book Matilda or Lyra Belacqua from the golden compass or Pippi Longstocking from The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss.

You don’t have to follow any rule to create an interesting character to be loved by the reader; you only need an adventurous soul as their idol explaining their life experiences which can resonate with the experience of the readers.

In simple words, an eleven-year-old protagonist, such as Harry Potter will appeal to the readers only nine years of age. To be successful in creating a great character is to develop a great storyline for your book.

Telling the story

Where it seems obvious, it might come to you as a surprise that many writers often forget that they are writing for children. A big part of what makes a great children’s story is the theme of the book. You can go for almost any theme which can make an impression on the children. For example, you can write about betrayal like a backstabbing best friend, or you can explore and find the meaning of truth. You need to understand the theme you have chosen but make sure that the entire book follows a similar theme throughout the story.

Refine your voice

You don’t have to worry about finding a voice or follow someone else’s style while writing a book. However, there is a certain thing that you need to understand to avoid starting from the wrong foot.

Your vocabulary

There are a lot of other places where you can use your knowledge of the language, but children’s book is not one of them. It is the rule of thumb that you need to remember while writing the story. You can use big words, but remember that your audience is little readers who are at their learning stage. You have a shortlist of words which you can use to write. To make sure that you are consistent, test your book on children when you have your first draft.


Unless you are Dr Seuss, thinking about writing verse is not a good idea. Bad rhymes can ruin your story and ultimately, your reputation as a writer. You might be enticed by the meaning brought in to the story through rhymes, but as a writer, you must consider your skills to write in verse.

Illustrations for your story

Illustrations are the most important part of the children’s literature. It enunciates the message of the story and enables the kids to read between the lines. Before you start with your story, you need to determine if you need an illustrator for your story or not. Hiring an illustrator depends on two factors:

  • If you are writing a picture book
  • If you are self-publishing

If you are considering traditional publishing, then you might need an illustrator for your story. However, if you choose to self-publish, you need to find a professional illustrator unless you have the skills to illustrate on your own.


Once you are happy with the result of your book, it is time to take it to the next level—publishing. As said before, you can choose traditional publishing where they take care of the process on their own. However, if you choose self-publishing, make sure that you also think about marketing your book. Set your goals and pace your journey to success.

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