Expert Tips for Dental Marketing

Well, when customers come themselves, word of mouth works, in the waiting room is always crowded. But this is far from always the case. Dental treatment is an issue that often has a low priority, people put off its decision for the better times, since, in the understanding of the majority, dentist services are expensive. The result – treatment of acute pain and a real decrease in the income of dental clinics. How to deal with this phenomenon, how to attract patients even in difficult economic times? Some tips in this article.

Educational activities in kindergartens

The dental marketing company creates and implements campaigns for its customers that target children. Of course, the final task is to attract the attention of parents, but the contact occurs through children. In your campaign you can give away free toothbrushes in kindergartens with memos covering the tooth brushing process and invitations for parents to visit dentistry and the clinic website, which provides more information about oral care.

The expected result is the influx of young patients to the clinic, the result is less than expected – 70% of the parents who brought their children for examination and treatment also became clients of the dental clinic.

Registration in search engine directories

Word of mouth – advice from friends and acquaintances – probably remains the main driver of growth in an industry such as dentistry. Before finally deciding to visit a dentist, people usually ask for recommendations from those nearby. However, the Internet as a universal source of information is increasingly complementing word of mouth. Therefore, to register in the directories of popular search engines is definitely worth it. Yandex has Yandex.Directory, which already contains information about more than 3 million organizations. Google runs Google My Business”. Registration in Yandex.Directory provides you with Yandex.Maps, a very popular service for local search of organizations, and also improves the appearance of your clinic’s block in search results. “Google My Business” not only places information on the card and improves the issuance of information, but also the page in the social. Google+ network generates.


Many sites on the Internet today collect and publish reviews about companies, there are specialized sites and forums where patients speak out about the dental clinics they visited. Feedback is a powerful tool; ignoring it is harming your business. Firstly, you can / should respond to reviews about your clinic appearing on the Internet (set up Google alerts to get timely alerts when someone says something about you).

Affiliate marketing

Agency US Dental Arts indicates the success of affiliate campaigns. It is about reaching agreements with companies working in related industries (beauty salons, for example, or private doctors’ offices of other specialties), within which they recommend that their clients contact you if they have problems with their teeth, and you, in your First of all, we recommend contacting these partners. incentive here is a certain level of trust that has already been formed in the client’s relationship with your marketing partner. If he trusts him, then he will be inclined to trust his advice regarding dental treatment.


Video has long been one of the most consumed types of content on the Internet. YouTube, a website created exclusively for posting and viewing videos, is the third largest in the world in terms of the number of search queries processed. Today, popular social networks also allow you to actively work with video content, and targeting capabilities, instructions to the target audience provided by them, raise the quality of contact with potential customers to a new level.

Local search engine optimization, local campaigns

If the dental clinic has its own website, it’s likely that the staff or contract employs specialists who are engaged in its promotion. In other words, dental marketing company Los Angeles sure that for key queries of interest to the clinic – “dental clinic”, “price dentistry”, “pediatric dentist”, etc. – A link to the clinic’s website appeared on the first page of search results. However, for a local business such as private dental practice, localized queries and local search engine optimization in general are more relevant. That is, the emphasis should be on getting into the “top SERPs” (first page of search results) with reference to your city. When launching contextual advertising in a search engine or campaign on a social network, limit its reach only to the area that you are really interested in.

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