What Is Cloud Hosting? Explaining Advantage And Disadvantage

Cloud Hosting


The cloud hosting has been popular since last few years. People those who are looking for hosting or familiar with hosting then cloud hosting is not a strange technology for them. As by the time the cloud hosting has become popular it has vast market. In the market there are countless cloud hosting provider, but everyone prefers to choose cheap cloud hosting package will all required services and features. Moreover, before going to choose a cloud hosting you would like to know about the cloud hosting.

Actually cloud technologies are used widely and is also utilized in the hosting also. There is no physical device that can be said as a cloud hosting server. Right now you must be thinking what actual it is? So, let’s dig in.

Cloud Hosting

In the the computing and storage resources are provided to a service provider that offers data hosting, solutions, and services. The cloud host handles various tasks. It looks over the entire installing, infrastructure, security etc. In simple words, it stores the data in multiple computer systems, the data can be accessed through a network like the internet. A cloud behaves like a physical computer system which has inexhaustible power and unlimited storing space. 

Cloud hosting, is enabled with unique server configuration that results in flexibility. It offers greater scaling of hosted resources and reliability. In cloud hosting a single cloud hosted server can be created by integrating the power of numerous servers. Technically, as per the needs of your website operations the resources are distributed across several remote servers. Further, these resources are tapped when required. So, it has various advantages over traditional hosting. So have a glance at these.

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Advantages of Cloud Hosting

Cost Savings: In cloud hosting you pay for how much you have used. In other hosting you pay monthly whether you are using all the resources or not. You can extend your resources during high traffic and reduce resources when traffic low. So, in this you have a control over cost while paying different for the different conditions. With cheap cloud hosting you can save more money.

Easy Extension of Resources: Through the cloud hosting you can easily extend the resources whenever required. You can view the real time performance of your website through intuitive site management dashboard. For this you don’t need any approval from the cloud hosting provider.

Backup Server Feature: If some issues occurs in the server then in cloud hosting, a current version of website can be used as back. The host instantly upload the live  concurrent version of your website.

Better Uptime and Availability: In cloud hosting, the uptime is good that depends upon its structure. cloud server is facing some technical issues then automatically your website will be transferred to another server.

High Performance and Fast Speed: Due to the availability of multiple cache layers and multiple server environment offers the high speed of website.

Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting   

There can be security and privacy issues that can be faced. Otherwise there is no such big drawback of cloud hosting.


The cloud hosting has countless benefits over the other website hosting. Everybody is now moving to cloud hosting services. By choosing the cheap cloud hosting you can also get economical plan. It is preferable to choose cloud hosting over any other hosting.

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