Analyze the Instagram Profile: 5 Tools that you can’t do without

Being on Instagram is not enough. Any self-respecting social media manager knows this. To optimize your online presence, another operation is also necessary: analyze the Instagram profile. Exactly how you should do for your Facebook page (or profile), for your Twitter account and even for your blog or company website. To analyze the Instagram profile, here are 5 essential tools that are absolutely worth mentioning and knowing.

Advice? To verify the statistical data of the Instagram profile at least every 2 weeks, to eventually correct the shot and improve the content management strategy on this social network.

Scan your Instagram profile directly with Instagram Insights

You can use Instagram Insights, Instagram statistics, to learn more about your audience. This feature is only enabled on company profiles and is a mine of information to better target your content or Post Production Studios In Dubai. With Insights you can:

  • Extrapolate statistical data (gender, place and age)
  • Highlight the posts that get the most interactions and views
  • Highlight the coverage of your campaigns, impressions and accounts reached (both organically and with real paid campaigns).

To use Instagram Insights it is essential to have a business account. Insights is divided into three Tabs.

  • The Content Tab that analyzes the performance of your content (posts, stories and promotions)
  • The Public Tab that analyzes important statistical data
  • The Activity Tab that allows you to monitor coverage, interaction and impressions

Hootsuite analytics: analyze the different metrics to be at the top on Instagram

Alternatively or as an addition to the Instagram Insights tool, you can use Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a social media management platform (which allows not only to post content but also to analyze its performance) among the best known on the market and which, if you are a social media manager by profession, surely you already know. Hootsuite analytics allows you to analyze different metrics, both separately for each linked social profile, and in “combined”. As for Instagram, it is able to provide you with statistical data on:

  • Posts
  • Followers and followers per account
  • Engagement generated and type of engagement
  • Incoming messages for sentiment
  • Post table and video views table

Hootsuite is designed to manage all your social profiles (or those of your customers) in a professional, coordinated and partly automated way, through a single platform. The Hootsuite platform is free of charge (with a 30-day free trial) and includes 4 types of plans, starting from 25 euros per month.

Keep an eye on your competitors with the Iconosquare analysis tool

Perhaps, if you are in the industry, you knew this platform with its original name of Statigram, In fact, that’s how it was born in 2011: with the aim of easily collecting performance statistics related to your Instagram account. In 2015 Statigram entered the list of the 800 most visited websites in the world and then changed its name to Iconosquare, a powerful analysis tool especially if you want to keep an eye on the social presence of your competitors.

It is a tool created and designed to analyze Instagram and only in 2017 the social media analysis option was launched Facebook. What can you do with Iconosquare? Publish, monitor and analyze your presence on Instagram. To do this you can activate a 14-day free trial and then choose the subscription plan that best suits your needs, starting from 29 euros a month with annual payment.

Since, as we have said, this analysis tool is specifically designed for Instagram, it contains a series of very useful resources. As an example:

  • The audit of your profile that detects the level of optimization
  • A valuable eBook on the subject of Instagram Marketing: how to grow a company account
  • A series of trends & benchmarks (trends and parameters of reference) on Instagram

But why use Iconosquare? In the words of Suzi Jenkis, specialized in marketing and communication for social media

Iconosquare is to Instagram as Nutella is to bread.

Precisely because Instagram is a social one a little different from the others, it is necessary to use an analysis and monitoring tool that is thought of precisely for this.

Analyze the target in depth thanks to Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a tool that, instead, can be very useful if you want to analyze your target in depth. The use of a tool does not exclude others and the ideal (budget permitting) would be to use a combination of this bouquet to optimize the analysis of your Instagram audience.

It is, undoubtedly, one of the favorite tools of creatives around the world. In fact, to build and post successful content, the starting point can only be the analysis of the target. Crowdfire is also a management platform for social media. It has a free version and 3 for a fee, with prices starting at $ 7.48 per month (if you choose the annual payment formula).

A very useful feature to stimulate the management of your audience is the Mention function. All comments, mentions and responses to your content can be tracked (even instantly using the app) by responding in a targeted manner through images, videos or animated gifs.

Although Crowdfire no longer allows you to follow your competitors ‘ followers by showing above all the most active fans, this tool still allows you to keep account of the overpopulation of the account .

In other words, it is possible to stop following those who do not return the follow, in order to have an audience really interested in the contents that are posted. This in turn generates a series of positive effects including the increase in engagement, since the profile is effectively targeted.

Measure your impact on Instagram thanks to Union Metrics

Every tool of social media management has its own peculiarities. Union Metrics allows you to make a free check-up of your profile, in order to obtain valuable information to make it grow as:

  • Best time to publish your stories
  • Hashtags that create greater engagement
  • Demographic Profile of followers, to customize the best content

Moreover, thanks to this in-depth statistics tool designed specifically for Instagram, you can easily:

  • Measure coverage and real impressions for your account
  • Keep track of the performance of your story over time
  • Monitor the mentions of your brand on Instagram
  • Get detailed advanced reports on comments and feelings

Union Metrics provides three paid plans with prices starting at $ 49 per month. All the plans allow to analyze the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook profiles in depth and to obtain:

  • Detailed analysis of the content
  • Report on ‘ engagement
  • Report on major Influencers
  • Automatic extraction of trends and outliers from your profile
  • Online help desk support

In short, now to analyze the Instagram profile you just have to put yourself to work.

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