Some Common Misconceptions About Starting An e-Commerce Development

Some Common Misconceptions About Starting An e-Commerce Development

With the constant growth of online platforms, nowadays eCommerce is popular than it was ever before. And with the time passing by, the popularity is just expected to increase furthermore. So there is no need to say that the current stage is a golden opportunity to launch your business online. Cause with its current growth rate, the eCommerce website is estimated to have a $4.5 million worth sale in e-commerce retail. With such huge potential in this sector, you just can not afford to lose such a huge market. And this is where you require a good ecommerce web development company at your service who can present a great profitable website for you. 

Magento eCommerce developmentis one of the best e-commerce web development solutions due to its flexibility and security. But while your developers are using Magento to build your e-commerce site, the developers and designers need to be skilled in their best way possible.

Here in this article, we will be discussing some common misconceptions about starting e-Commerce Development.

Trouble finding The Desired Product

When a customer uses search engines for a particular product, they are expected to be delivered with the correct search result as soon as possible. According to Google, if your website fails to provide the visitor with the exact result within 4 seconds it is going to increase your site’s bounce rate. Make sure that when a customer is visiting your site, they get to see the accurate result on time with all the relative and required information such as color, size, model, etc.

Complex Check Out Page and Shopping cart

For any e-commerce website, the checkout pages are expected to be as smooth as it is possible as this the target page that processes payments and also reverses business for the website. So complicating the process of reaching the checkout page will be a very bad practice. 

Make sure you have a guest checkout page for the customers who are not intending to create an account on your site. Make sure that the registration process in your site can be done within a single screen. At the same time having a complicated and confusing or not shopping cart will also annoy the customers. So make sure to keep your checkout page and shopping cart as simple as possible.

Different Payment Gateways

When you are creating your e-commerce site, make sure your site has different payment options. Cause, all the customers do not use the same method of payment. Where some opt for the debit card, one can choose a direct payment from the bank option or someone might want to opt for COD. So not adding different options while creating your site will make your audience limited. In this case,Magento eCommerce development can be of great help as they provide the developers with the option of adding multi-currency and they also provide multilingual support as well.

Slow Loading Page

In this fast-paced era, people do not have the patience to wait for a website to load for minutes. In maximum cases, the visitors tend to leave a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. So the ideal time for a website to load in 2-3 seconds. Your website might slow down due to reasons such as too many heavy images, internet speed and hosting server. But amidst these reasons, the prime reason is web design. So while designing your website, make sure that the design is will not bog down your web page.

Absence of Quality Image

When you are branding and listing products to sell through your website, you must add some images on the listed products as a reference for what are they purchasing. So the image used always needs to be of high quality that will help the customers to know the detailing of the product such as color and shape. Focus on the background of the images, lighting and the editing used on your images. A good quality, the high-resolution image will always attract customers better.

Lack Of Good Product Description

It is the product descriptions that let the customer have a better insight into the product they are going to purchase. So your products must have a product description that will let them know about the product and its qualities in detail. Make sure the added description has all the necessary information such as pricing, size, color, etc. Make sure to keep your product description as simple and informative as you can. Unnecessary lengthy product descriptions will annoy the customers only.

Lack Of Trusty Design

It is a well-known fact that the customers choose a website based on its design. At the same time, a website with a responsive and good design looks more credible to the customers. So make sure that the design you are choosing for your precious website is responsive and attractive. At the same time make sure that the design is suitable and effective not just for web browsers but also for mobile browsers as well. A website that does not offer good performance on mobile devices will always lack behind in the race.

Awful Navigation

Without an efficient navigation page, also known as the landing page, your website will not be able to perform better. A quality Navigation page is of great help to the users. When it comes to the e-commerce sector, with an easy to use navigation page you website becomes trustworthy for your customers. So a good navigation page is one of the essential requirements to construct a good website.


Just as a good website is ideal to boost your sales and market reputation, a poorly design website can hamper and spoil all your hard works. So, a good ecommerce web development company is always expected to serve with a quality website that will be attractive as well as will be able to meet customer expectations and attain all their requirements. So when you are getting your website created by a ecommerce web development company be sure that the website will be efficient to satisfy the demands of your customers.

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