How to convert OST files to PST format?

How to convert OST files to PST format

Any user can convert his OST files to PST format easily and reliably by using this advanced Softaken OST to PST Converter tool. The application is tested by various trained professionals. This app is an easy-to-use tool that can be easily handled by any user. There is no obstacle for users to convert their OST files into PST format with this amazing OST into PST Converter tool. Effectively and diligently all OST files are converted to PST format.

Now, here comes the question of why a user needs to convert their OST files to PST format. On this site, we will discuss everything about why to convert OST files in both ways. Easy conversion of OST files is done by the tool. File start-up is also saved by the app. A functional result is provided by the tool. Also, conversion of bulk OST files can be done. Both UNICODE and ANSI PST languages are converted by this OST to the PST Converter application. Let’s talk more about this amazing application.

Why convert OST files to PST format?

As OST files are lacking storage and if the email profile is deleted or corrupted the OST file will no longer be used in such a situation it will be helpful for users to convert their OST files to PST format. PST format is a reliable data storage platform and PST file format is supported by various email clients. Try this efficiently designed OST tool into PST Converter to convert your OST files.

Ways to convert OST files to PST format

One can follow any of these two methods to convert their OST files to PST format. Let’s look at both ways:

  • Manual method
  • Professional approach

The manual method of converting OST files

By converting the OST file to PST format, the user must follow the steps given below.

  1. First install and open the MS Outlook application on your system
  2. Now, click on the “File” menu and select the “Import and Export” option.
  3. An import and export window will appear, from that window select the “Export to File” option and right-click on the “Next” button.
  4. Now from the Import file window, select the “Outlook data file (.pst) option and right-click on the” Next “button.
  5. Select the mailbox folder you want to convert OST files to.
  6. Enter a location to save your converted OST file.

Why not choose a manual method approach?

Although manual manipulation of OST files into PST format is not expensive, users face many obstacles when converting their OST files to use. Let’s look at these issues:

  • The difficulty of the steps increases while converting their OST files using the manual method.
  • It takes more time compared to the application
  • It does not provide security and security to files so the chances of data loss or data corruption are higher
  • Not a reliable option for non-tech users
  • Users must go through several steps while converting their OST files
  • Quick result not provided

Professional conversion method

To convert your OST mail files to PST format users, need to follow a few simple steps. Below are the steps discuss:

  1. First install Softaken OST to PST Converter in your Windows OS
  2. Now add the OST files you need to convert to PST format
  3. View the selected files at a glance
  4. Find the location where you wish to save the converted OST files
  5. Hit the convert button now

In these few simple steps, the user is able to easily convert their OST files to PST format without any kind of obstacle. In addition, the steps can be

Followed by a novice user. Screenshots of the steps are also provided by the app

Reasons to choose this tool

Various reasons clear the question of “why should a user buy this app even though there is a manual way to convert OST files?”.

Therefore, the user should use this OST app into PST Converter to convert his OST mail files to PST format as the application provides the user:

  • The accurate result, so there will be no chance of any kind of data corruption.
  • With many advanced features, which make it easy for the use.
  • Full security and security to save your important files to open.
  • The quick result is even if you select a large number of OST mail files and convert PST file.
  • Zero size limit is impose so that from small OST size file to large OST file can be convert to PST format.
  • An easy-to-use interface that makes the novice user feel comfortable converting their OST files into PST format.

Try this amazing app using the free demo version. A few OST files can be convert using this free demo application. If users are satisfy with this demo version, then they can buy the license version of this app.

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