Type Of Services Provides By Staffing Company

Type Of Services Provides By Staffing Company
Written by Christina Jones

If you are planning to hire a staffing agency for your company there are few things you need to know about a staffing agency. How do they work? What are the services provided by a staffing agency and how can they make your recruitment process easier? Staffing agencies can help your business to save money and time and find the most qualified candidates for your company. Who is a staffing agency?

A staffing agency works as a middleman for a company and the job seeker. They simply find candidates who are looking for jobs and a company looking for new candidates so they can match the candidate with the company according to the company’s requirement. They can save you time and money as you don’t have to do the hiring process everything will be done by your staffing agency.

Find more information about leading staffing agencies Dubai. After knowing all this you might be thinking why not hire a staffing agency then. Well, staffing agencies may not work for every business. Also, a staffing agency can charge up to 25%-80% of the hired employee’s wage. Most small companies can’t afford a staffing agency.

How Does Staffing Agency Work?

Firstly, you need to hire a staffing agency for your company and need to tell them about your requirements like the number of employees needed, job responsibility, salary, and all other details. Now, the staffing agency will create a job description for your job post by advertising it. A staffing agency can also reach a candidate directly if they fit the job role description.

As more candidates start to apply for the job post, the staffing agency will look forward to all the applicants and find the one which suits the job requirement. They will look for the candidate’s skills and experience before selecting the candidate for a further meeting. Once they find the most qualified candidate who fits the job, they will ask them for an interview.

Lastly, the hiring manager or the business owner will have a one-to-one interview with the candidate to make their final decision and make the deal about salary and all other important things before the candidate joins the company. The staffing agency will take care of all the paperwork of the candidate like contracts, taxes, payroll, and all.

This saves a lot of time while hiring a new candidate for your company as you don’t have to do all the hiring processes. All you need to do is just hire a staffing agency and the rest they will do for you. You just need to pay the staffing agency. They are flexible, save time and money, fast hiring, reduce any kind of hiring risk, and also build a relationship for future hiring.

Types of Services Provided by Staffing Agency 

Traditional Employment Agencies

Traditional staffing agencies provide a service where they connect a job seeker with a company. A traditional staffing agency will connect those who are looking for a job and a company that is looking for a new candidate. They are specializing in their specific industry. They also charge some fees from the job seeker and the company that is looking for a new candidate.

Contingency Employment Agency

If a company is trying to fill its vacant post, it may hire a contingency staffing agency. These staffing agencies get paid when their candidate gets selected for the job. A candidate has to compete with other candidates to get selected for a vacant post available in a company.

Temporary Help

When a company is looking for a candidate for a short period till they find someone permanent for the job post they will hire a temporary candidate. In this case, the staffing agency will find a candidate and will make a deal with them for the job post. Later the employee may get selected as a permanent worker in the company.

Permanent Employee

When a company is looking for a full-time worker with all the required skills and experience. They will find someone who is ready to work with them for a longer period to help the company grow. The company will make a deal with the candidate and provide them with all the benefits like taxes, pension, salary increment, and other health benefits.  

Freelance Worker

When a company is looking for a temporary or a freelance worker who can help the company with the required things for a particular project. The staffing agency will find a freelancer who can help the company with its project and will be paid on an hourly basis. They can be working temporarily or can become permanent freelancing employees of the company.

Should You Go For A Staffing Agency?

Of course, yes as they provide you with so much help and make the hiring process easy for you, and make it cost-effective. Even though they are experts in their role. They have huge connections with candidates and companies. If you are looking for the right candidate and don’t know how to find one then staffing agencies are your option. Find more information about leading staffing agencies Dubai.

They will look forward to the entire job hiring process until the candidate is selected for the job role. They know exactly what a company and a job seeker are looking for and how to reach them. Also, you are building a relationship with a staffing agency for future recruitment. If you want all this and to find top talents for your company then you should find a staffing agency for your company to make a deal with candidates.

In the end, you want your company to grow and to make it possible you need some good skills and experienced workers in your company. It takes a lot to find the right candidate for the right post. If you don’t have big connections and don’t know how to reach candidates then you won’t be able to find an employee.

Staffing agencies provide all types of services you are looking for from hiring a single candidate to hiring in bulk. Connect with your staffing agency and start hunting for top talents for your company.

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