Things you should know about Custom Printed Plastic cards

Things you should know about Custom Printed Plastic cards
Written by Christina Jones

The custom printed plastic cards come in a variety of designs and shapes. They serve a number of purposes for a business. That’s why these cards have become so popular with most of the business lines.

These cards make use of special types of printers that enables printing them in varied sizes. Apart from the innumerable advantages, they also have certain disadvantages. So, here are certain things about these cards that you should know.

Varied utility

There are different types of utility for such cards. A business wanting to issue a membership card for its customers would make use of these cards. Also, a college wanting to have an identity card for its students would need such a card.

To the users, it provides a sense of loyalty towards the business. This motivates them to stick to that business and remain loyal to it. On the other hand, to the business, it increases the customers’ as well as employees’ satisfaction.

Customized designs & shapes

This is one of the biggest advantages of custom printed plastic cards. Businesses get the design they require on the card. It helps them to build a brand identity for their business. Users often carry them at random places and also use them in public. This allows other people to know about the business. Hence, it acts as a tool for advertisement.

Further, you can also get them in different shapes.

Durability & ease of storage

The cards have a long span of life. They generally have a plastic coating. Further, strong adhesives ensure that the layers do not split apart. As a result, you don’t need to change them at frequent intervals.

Also, they are easy to store and carry. You can easily adjust them in your wallet. Hence, you don’t need any extra space for these plastic cards.

Easy use

Using the cards does not require any specialized knowledge. You can easily swipe them through the card readers and the work is done. In some cases, the machine can read the data in the card just by bringing the card close to it. Thus, its easy use is of great advantage for the users.

Upgradation with new technology

These plastic cards use technology to operate. As a result, they keep on upgrading with advancements in technology. New features keep on continue making life easy and comfortable.


The cards store a large amount of data in an organized manner. Thus, you don’t have to spend time searching while processing the work.

For example, when you show your identity card at the entrance of your office, it will not require much time in processing who you are. Hence, it is a huge time saver for your organization. This use proves to be very effective in places requiring verification for mass entry.

Safe to use

These cards store data in a coded form. Hence, no one can steal or copy them. Further, they may also require some passwords to unlock the data. Thus, it ensures that only the authorized person has access to the critical data in the card.


One of the biggest demerits of these cards is that they are non-bio-degradable. The material used in making these cards do not degrade easily. As a result, they pose a serious threat to the environment. Moreover, considering the mass scale at which these cards are used, the risk to the environment is even more.

However, thanks to the efforts of many people, degradable materials have been brought to use in making these cards.

How to print them

There are various companies that offer printing services for such cards. They can print your card based on your requirement. You need to find one such company and communicate with it your needs.

Based on its discussions with you, it will come up with a customized design.

Future of Plastic card industry

These cards have a variety of use, as stated earlier. One can easily find the advantages for such cards while the disadvantages are very few. Also, the ease that the cards have offered to both the business and the users suggests that both of them cannot function without these cards. Hence, its future is bright for sure.

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