[The secret reveals] how pro-YouTuber rank youtube video in 2019

Audience Interaction is very important to Rank Video on Youtube. For this, all you need to put a little effort to be the winner of this marketplace.

Youtube Promotion Service Provider VidOrange, have Expert and always ready to market your Youtube Channel Promotion in a legal way. We all know Youtube is a big market place, but need to be aware of its empowerment.

If you want to get organic traffic to Rank Youtube Video, youtube SEO is the complete ultimate pathway to cope with your terms of Real Youtube Promotion.

Today, I am going to tell you exactly how to Rank Youtube Video and what process should I use to grow my Youtube Channel

Audience Retention

Some high metrics algorithm has been set to create lengthy engaging Youtube Video content to gain audience retention. To Rank Youtube Video, you need to put some energy to keep people watching your video.

Make sure your youtube video should have high watch time and audience attention to Rank Youtube Video in the search location.

I recommend you to make a long video with unique engaging content so the more time you can keep the user in your video, youtube will rank your video in a better way.

Youtube wants people to stay on the platform for more time by advertising the ads so if the audience clicks on the ads, it will Rank Youtube Video.

Long Video = Audience Retention

You can use the Audience Retention report to get an overall measurement.

  • Analyze Video view duration of different relevant videos.
  • Analyze top videos by their watch time.
  • Compare your Video retention with a similar relevant video on youtube.
  • The first 30 seconds of your video should have captivating content.

Don’t waste other’s time to make a shitty video, your video should be valuable and interesting to watch and shareable.

 You have to create High Retention video, SEO optimized data, and video watch time to Rank Youtube Video.

Create Quality Videos

If Your videos stink and don’t rank up then you should evaluate the quality of a piece of Video content.

Start evaluating the quality, first focus on the title of the video. The title should be at least 4-5 words long for example “people speaking competition”. the title should be exactly what the video content will contain.

If you want Real Youtube Promotion then put your keyword at the beginning of the title.

Youtube is not an E-Commerce site where you can easily purchase or market your product directly.

People come to get knowledge, to be globally involved with new themes, and learn some new skills. For them, videos are the best way to answer their searching points.

So, in order to get targeted audience traffic on a youtube Channel, focus on the quality and content of your video.

Don’t worry, VidOrange a legal and reliable platform for Youtube Channel Promotion.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the milestones for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. On Youtube, video SEO starts with video keyword research.

The first step is to make a list of valuable and potential keywords then find the best long tail and less competitive keyword.

 If you select SEO OPTIMIZED keyword for your video, then it will work as it is the key part of Youtube SEO.

Low competitive keywords will definitely rank on Youtube. To check the competitive level, search your keywords and see About result.

 A higher number will tell you a high competitive result, so choose a low competitive keyword for your niche.

Further, if you are using authentic keywords that are also worthy of Google, it will be automatically rank up on Youtube search. That’s how you technically optimized and Rank Youtube Video.

Now your video file is ready to upload with its Title based on the long-tail keywords, video tags ( relevant to your content) and a brief description.

Your video description should be much engaging in the content you are showing in your video. Your video description helps Youtube to understand the content of your video. Make the perfect description to Rank Youtube Video.

Some simple steps will help you to write a good description:

  • Make a description at least 250 words of content.
  • Use different descriptions for each of your videos.
  • Use your Focus keyword in the first paragraph of 30 words.
  • Don’t overuse your keywords, figure out keyword density – use keywords 2-5 times in 250 words of content.
  • Try to use Targetted Tags to avoid spammy content for example: “SEO” is the keyword than “Google SEO optimization”, “backlinks”, “on-page SEO” are the Targeted Tags.


Playlists are the best source for Youtube Channel Promotion. Playlists are a list of related Youtube videos and organized as a set of videos on a single topic. It can boost more traffic and views to your video.

Create a playlist of a focus keyword with LSI keywords and your video plays one by one through Playlists

You can get uncounted extra views every month through Playlists. Another instant source to Rank Youtube Video.

Custom Thumbnail- Click-through-Rate

Click-through rate is the percentage of the people that clicks on your video Keyword. If your video CTR is higher then it will automatically rank on youtube.

Try to increase the CTR of your video. Clicks are very important to get views. If the user clicks on your video once then youtube will boost your video and rank it up.

Custome thumbnail itself a word to explain enough whether you would like to go for Thumbs up or Thumbs down.

You can also hire Experts Graphic Designer for the Best Image Editing Service and create an engaging thumbnail by Professionals.

Promote your video on Social Media

You are posting your video in a place where people are willing to watch and get information. SEO OPTIMIZATION is an essential promote and Rank youtube Video.

Social Media is the best platform to view, watch, subscribe and share your Video Content. Before this ON Page and Off-Page SEO is enough to promote the video.

The better way to promote your video is to spread it on Social Media, Post your Youtubeaccout on social media. On websites like Quora and other forums.


Link Building- Backlinks

Link Building is the method to promote your website by dropping the link of your page on the other website. For this, you need to link to Youtube Video.

There are many ways to create backlinks to Rank Youtube Video:

  • Image submission Backlinks
  • Audia Submission Backlinks
  • Social Media Bookmarking
  • Video Submission Backlinks
  • Comment Backlink
  • Guest Posting
  • Web 2.0

Simply gather as much Youtube Video submission and start uploading your content with proper description and Youtube Channel Link.

Find Helpful Articles For White Hat link Buiding according to Google Search Update Then, gather a list of Socialmarking site and actively submit your Youtube channel link as your bookmark.

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