Guide on Front Loader Washing Machines Detergent

Guide on Front Loader Washing Machines Detergent

Since the time of entering into the competitive market of Asia, front loader washing machines are selling like a hotcake. And in India, it is even more popular. Its efficiency and high performance make it the #1 choice of people. However, Future Home, being your ultimate and most loved one-stop repairing center, receives different questions on the use of detergent on the front loader washing machine. So, our team of experts decided to come up to you with the guide on front loader washing machines detergent to help you choose the best detergent for the washing appliance.

What is a front loader washing machine?

Simply stating, front-loading washing appliance loads and unloads your cloth from the front door as the name suggests. Unlike top loading machines, it doesn’t have agitators and impellers. It constantly takes and throws your clothes in the water to get a satisfactory level of cleaning. Although people sometimes label it high-priced, its efficiency and use of less water make it the unprecedented king of the washing machine market.

Ultimate Guideline On Front Loader Washing Machines Detergent:

Front loading washing machine require different behaviour for cleaning clothes. Thus, it uses different types of detergent.  Unfortunately, if you Google to pick up the right detergent for your front loading machine, you probably will end up selecting a normal detergent. It is because most online articles tell you to use the non-specialized detergents. Some suggest mixing normal detergent with specialized laundry agents, but even this isn’t a good idea. This often ruins the texture of your cloth and makes it look older. Will you love seeing your’ newly brought White shirt look like a year older, right after two washes?

People have been suffering from such issues of finding the right detergent for their front-loading washing machines for a long period of time.  As a trusted Washing Machine Service centre, we have experienced substantial changes in front loading machines and in clothes appearance due to the use of normal detergent. So, Future Home strongly recommends you to avoid those online suggestions based on impracticality.

These home units are designed to provide you high-quality performance, and therefore, you should only use a High Efficient (HE) grade detergent for this specialized washing unit.

Things you should consider when buying a front loading washing detergent:

We already know that front loading washing machine uses High Efficiency detergents. Nonetheless, there is a wide range of varieties available in the market for HE detergents with different specifications. So, how would you know which one should you buy?

It’s pretty easy, scroll down your mouse and read the Future Home expert instructions.

Liquid or powder:

As a user, you should carefully observe and think about a few things to choose between powder detergent and liquefied detergent for your front loaders.

Most companies clearly state whether to use powdered or liquid detergent for their appliance in the user manual. However, its not always the last thing which can’t be breached.

Some machines come with Delay Start option and require powdered detergents powder only. Using liquid detergent makes your appliance vulnerable to pour detergent too early and changing the texture of your cloth.

It also depends on the water or washing machine temperature. Most of the powder detergents don’t dilute properly in cold water and require temperature above 40° Celsius to work efficiently. However, some users argue that powdered ones form a dense state and clean your cloth better.

On the other hand, liquid ones require a minimum amount to clean cloth and thus, are highly cost-effective. But it performs lowly with soft water due to its own softness. So we recommend you using harsh water to get better performance.

Scented or unscented:

Well, things become interesting at this point. It is not directly connected with your machine, rather depends upon your personal choice.

There are many people who like the scent of fresh laundry dress coming right from the washing machine. On the contrary, some people love a flowery smell such as rose or jasmine. And then there are those who love the fresh lemon scent.

Most brands come with different scented versions of the same product and are easily available in the market. However, finding an unscented one is a real daunting task. Nevertheless, some time investment will surely bring the unscented ones to you if you want one.

Color or white:

There are many people who prefer to use different detergents for different clothes. To some extent, it comes with a better result.

Simple bleaching agents are specially made to clean the white clothes and keep them bright for wash after wash.

Furthermore, some come with Oxi-Clean technology to clean and keep the colored clothes in the best condition.

Some brands even launched special detergents for black clothes only.

If you are a cleaning maniac and have the budget, selecting different detergent is always the best option for you. However, going with one detergent isn’t too harmful either.

Cheap vs. pricey:

Many find it expensive to buy HE detergents. But you require much less HE detergents to wash your clothes which make up for your expense.  Thus, it is always better to go with a new added facility such as Oxi-Clean. Cheap detergents lack proper cleaning agents, and so, your clothes aren’t washed properly. On the other hand, HE detergents are full of cleaning reagents and effectively washes your cloth to give them a brighter look.

Final thoughts:

Front loading washing machines being high performing washing unit require High Efficient (HE) washing machines detergent. However, there is no particular study on these detergents to find out the best one for the users. Nonetheless, our washing machine repair team suggests you to consider the above facts to understand which front loader washing machine detergent you should go for. We would anyway suggest you go for HE detergents considering their effectiveness despite being a bit pricey.

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