Know Everything About Aquaguard Products And Its Customer Care Services

The amount of contamination in water has increased dangerously in the previous years, due to various reasons that include liquid waste release from industries, throwing garbage in river water and many more. To avoid getting sick by drinking contaminated water, purification of water is extremely crucial. At present, the issue of hardness in water has become very common, along with the presence of other toxic materials in the water that are potential in causing severe disease outbreak among human beings. To deal with the water contamination problem,  you need a good water purifier is a must-have the device.
There are several water purifier companies and brands in the Indian market, but some of them have made their specific place in people’s lives due to their spectacular performance. Aquaguard is one such name that has changed the whole dynamics of water purification. The brand offers a wide range of water purifying products that are designed to cater to various issues related to water purification. The brand has a water purification system for your residential, commercial, as well as industrial requirements. Hence it can be safely said that it is catering to the water purification needs at different scales.

Advanced Features And Services Of Aquaguard Water Purification System

Unlike, any universal water filtration system, aquaguard water purifying systems does not only tackle the purification of water by removing contaminants from it but also retains the nutrition present in the water. The water purifiers manufactured by Aquaguard are laced with smart water purification techniques such as reverse osmosis and contains advanced water purification tools and techniques, such as UF, UV, ultra-filtration membranes, cartridges, and many other parts. Along with these features, the aquaguard range of water purifiers are budget-friendly and can be bought from both offline as well as online stores. Aquaguard purifiers are available for sale on all the leading e-commerce sites of the nation such as Amazon, Flipkart, and others. Some of the shopping sites also offer an EMI option for purchasing water purifiers. Hence you can opt for the same if required.

Customers willing to purchase aquaguard water purifiers or are interested in knowing the specifications of any of the aquaguard water purifiers can call on aquaguard customer care number. The executives of the aquaguard can help you decide the best water purifier according to your budget, requirements, and suitability. You can also call on the customer care number of the company to register about any issues or complaints regarding aquaguard products or services. Furthermore, the customer care department can be reached by you 24*7.

Annual Maintenance Of Aquaguard Purifiers

After purchasing a water purifier, the most crucial task to do is to maintain it properly so that it can last long and can perform its functions appropriately. To help you do this task, Aquaguard offers various annual maintenance contract (AMC) plans that cover a range of services needed by your aquaguard water purifier. Buying an AMC plan can be the best decision if you want to save yourself from the hassle of running for a water purifier service provider whenever your device is showing some operational error.

If you own an AMC plan, you can quickly and conveniently avail services such as membrane replacement, UV lamp replacement, damage repair, the filter part replacement and repair and various other services related to the aquaguard water purifier. The free installation of a water purifier is an added advantage that you can get on purchasing a specific AMC plan offered by the brand. To know about different AMC and installation services, you can visit the aqua guards’ official website or can also approach the customer care department of the company.

Customer Care Services By Aquaguard

If you are choosing an aquaguard as your next water purifier, you can rest assured to get a fantastic product as well as services. Aquaguard, being a leader in the water purifier industry at international as well as national level, offers its best services to make the water purifier buying and using experience enjoyable and easy for customers. The brand offers its services across the country. Hence whether you are living in a small city or a metro city, you can easily approach the aquaguard service center present nearby to avail of any services related to aquaguard water purifiers.

Offers customer support services on all the seven days of the week, and round the clock, hence they can be approached through online as well as offline means quite conveniently. Along with super-amazing customer care services aquaguard has service centers across the whole country. To find out an authentic aquaguard service center, all you need to do is browse through the internet. After finding a service center, you can call them directly to know about the services they offering and their charges. In case you want to avail on-site services for your aquaguard water purifier you can request for the same, and you’ll be glad to know that aquaguard offers on-site servicing facility at quite affordable charges.

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